ladies a favour...(not abt penis lol)

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by branged123, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. branged123

    branged123 Member

    hey there,
    I just want to ask you ladies something.
    I am a guy, 21.5 years old....and i wanna fuck. im a virgin.
    I got a few friends who are girls.
    I have fooled around with one of them but not sex. i think its abt my penis..but im not gonna go will just frustrate me.
    so i wanna ask u shud i approach one of my friends abt my problem and ask her if she wud like to have sex with me??or may be explain abt my problem....
    its killin me...
    so lemme know....
    or if u have any other ideas lemme know...dont say hire a im not gonna do that.....
  2. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    Well, if your going to write her a note I'd work on your spelling.

    Just ask her if she wants to sleep with you, alot of people are put off by virgins because they have NO idea what their doing.
  3. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    Hey bro, I understand where your coming from. We are now living in the imperfect worldly system of things which will eventually pass away. Now day's sex is encouraged more than ever but have you considered going against this and staying a virgin and devoting yourself to the lord? It sounded in your post as if you said you think you have penis issues? Maybe this is a way of God trying to tell you something. If you want to have sex with her just for the sake of getting pleasure I'm afraid your in it for the wrong reasons my friend. My advice to you would be to not make any moves to try and get sex. Go about your day as if you were not interested in sex or a relationship with any girl and just act like a good friend to them. Remember to put the good lord first and good things will come. good luck :)

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