Lab drug test for Xanax help!!!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing and Legal Issues' started by Ryan1234, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Ryan1234

    Ryan1234 Guest

    Okay I took 3 Xanax on Thursday and i took a drug test for probo today ( following Tuesday) and they have to send it to a lab for results. I'm 6'4 and like 155 my motabalism is awesome. Before the test I drank 3 glasses of cranberry juice and 2 bottles of water and pissed twice before pissing for the test. I probally have taken a few Xanax every week or two for like a month prior to this. Any reliable knowledge would be awesome I just wanna knowing you would guess I will pass or not. Thank you
  2. My guess? You'll pass. If it was valium- hahaha.. hell no. You'd fail. I've failed a test for valium 10 days later.
    You'll PROBABLY pass... as I'm sure you know, lab tests are harder to pass then regular dipstick or panel tests. Anyways, though...Xanax should be out in 3-4 days, so 5 is more than that.... though it is pushing it and could go either way. All I can really say is you have a good chance, but I'd be super uncomfortable pushing it that much with probation.

    Good luck!!
  3. Ryan1234

    Ryan1234 Guest

    Thank you, yeah I'm like 50/50 about it, I just hope because my motabalism is so good I'll luck out
  4. Silent_Bob92

    Silent_Bob92 Member

    I passed my urine test with synthetic pee.
  5. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    Could you tell me what synthetic pee is?
  6. Silent_Bob92

    Silent_Bob92 Member

    "Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the clean, pre-mixed laboratory urine that everyone is talking about!

    Instead of generating the urine in a human body, Spectrum Labs has perfected a means of creating urine in a laboratory environment. This laboratory process results in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin free and balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid and several other urine characteristics. We now have the new formula 6.0 with uric acid pre-mixed in, however if you have a Quick Fix 5.7-1 that formula is still good and will work.

    Each box of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine contains a 2oz sample of urine, one heat pack, a flip top cap, and a temperature strip that reads between 90 and 100 degrees.

    Once this synthetic urine is warmed between 90 and 100 degrees in a microwave for up to 10 seconds it becomes suitable for use. Attach the heat pack and keep it warm for upto 8 hours!"

    This is the one I used. Got it 1 hour before my interview at a head shop. Was skeptical as fuck but It got me the job.

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