La way overpriced clubs.

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    On vacation for 3-4 weeks in the last week or so I went pot club checking out.

    I felt San Deigo clubs were better priced than LA and had fresher pot, alot of top grade to pick from as well as the other stuff keif, hash oil, hash.

    I only found 3 clubs in san Deigo so they must be loadup with the rest that closed there in over the last year.

    Con: higher price than other city clubs like SF but not as much as LA.
    Not many clubs so they can do this.
    Plus : alot of grades and lost of other stuff that good as well.

    LA let me down alot
    all overprice limited in stuff and just not fun clubs

    I dont know I like SF clubs.
    Tthey avg 30 huge jars of all types of weed. 20 types of each other stuff as well keif,hash, hash oil so on

    Most of it sales so fast none of the jars last longer than 5 days, so the pot is always fresh at 50 a top grade 8th thats atleast 10-15 cheaper for better fresher weed than the street over the years unless you knew a good one.

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