Kratom what is it?

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Rugor, May 29, 2007.

  1. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    What is kratom? Where can I get it? It's legal right?
  2. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Kratom is a legal drug that acts on Opioid receptors. it's supposed to a very opiate like buzz and supposed to be very relaxing and enjoyable, but at the same time can be stimulating. It doesn't contain opiates, so drug tests aren't a problem. sells it
  3. Depending on the quality, and how much you take it has opiate-like effects. Not quite as euphoric as the classical pharmie opioids, since it binds preferentially to delta/mu receptors. There doesn't seem to be any consensus about the stimulant effect, this may depend on genetics, dosage, and I conjecture biotransformations. It can be an enjoyable herb and a good analgesic, but treat it with respect, there is much we don't know about it yet....seizure potential, drug intxns, withdrawl syndrome, etc. etc.
  4. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    Personally, I kind of like it, but it's not "a trip" you know?

    There's some 15x stuff that I had - anything over 5g's would be too much, to me. For one, 5 grams is a lot of that wretched plant to have to choke down.

    It does make you relax, though.

    I'll probably buy some from TKK or from eBay next time.

    The drag about Kratom is that it's kind of expensive - 5gs at about $3.50 a gram is...$17.50 for something that really doesn't get you off, if you know what I mean.

    Maybe I'm a cheapskate, who knows.
  5. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    so are tkk and Iamshaman legit? like the extracts are actully stronger and worth paying more for?
  6. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Iamshaman is, I've bought from them before. I'm not really sure on extracts in general.

    The Salvia 10x NS I bought from them was pretty fucking weird (It's just a weird-ass plant), and defiantly much stronger then the Hawaiian Leaf I bought from them earlier. I'd say they're worth buying from.
  7. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I've never tried the base leaf, so I couldn't tell you for sure.

    Frankly, I thought it should have been more potent for 15x.

    Next time I get it from TKK or eBay I'll post some feedback here.
  8. I've gone with TKK 20x and it was nice at about 1-2 I guess that it isn't terrribly expensive...but there are better bangs for my buck. Currently evaluating Mitragyna sp. alkaloid extract and 7% Mitra. sp.
  9. pedaltopedal

    pedaltopedal Member

    The powdered extracts can be alot easier to consume because you can just mix them up in some juice and slam it real quick, or you can even fill up several big gelcaps and eat it that way.

    However, the extracts are never as good as buying the whole leaf and preparing the tea yourself. Seems like mabye the extracts dont get all the goodies... I dunno. Besides, buying bulk leaves is probally the most cost effective way to go, but you gotta go through the hassle of preparing and consuming the tea.

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