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    PunchDrunkKitten borne on the fm waves of a broken heart

    So what you didn't sleep with her?
    So what you only kissed - Because she initiated. You 'touching her thighs like that' wasn't maintenance of her facade - If she's sending messages about it after the fact.

    There's no chance you 'put up with it' to avoid being Outside for the night.
    There's no sincerity in the idea that you were only 'indulging' because of how violently loyal her friend's can be.
    March 11 - 'if you ever wanna have sex, you just have to make a move, y'know?'

    Over two years ago, I did my worst while we were at our worst - But you can't tell me this isn't the same thing. You can't expect my heart, so strung up on words and displacement, not to be just as torn by what i read - Things you said - The same way yours broke when my legs spread.

    Yet, you Can make me believe that the whole time you're there I'm on your mind. You can console me with knowing how 'you got excited seeing her with the smell of my snatch in your beard.' Time spent almost solely with your eyes - arms, lips - on me.. And the guilt of my hypocrisy do little to soothe the sting that even your consolations bring.

    I was on your mind? It's always been, is now, and was then Me that you need? However true this could be, when you were there it was only because you left me - In our warehouse, with only darkness for company, and still I've barely moved a mile from that mat on the Storage Room floor.

    Today you went off to a Bash, having 'forgotten' the ticket i bought you to the show I attended tonight. I let you know when i was home, and you were Active 7 minutes ago - When i call your phone goes straight to voicemail. Could she have somehow been there? Screams paranoia.

    If a taste of my medicine, stewing in years of it's juice - If to even the score was your intention at all. Consider the match won... And come home.
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