KERRY: "NO DRAFT" - here is what Kerry has said...

Discussion in 'Protest' started by CyberFly, May 29, 2004.

  1. CyberFly

    CyberFly Banned

    Sat May-29-04 04:35 PM
    This summer Bush is reducing DRAFT ACTIVATION time by having the SSS conduct NATIONWIDE EXERCISES to test the whole system, even to the point of filling all DRAFT BOARD vacancies and gearing up the Alternative Service for COs for the first time in three decades. With the current reactivation plan due to go into effect in a few weeks, the SSS must report to the Director on March 31, 2005 they are tuned up and ready to conscript within 75 days of reauthorization from Congress (just a trigger resolution is needed, no new law). The first lottery for 20 year-olds could be June 15, 2005.

    That's what Bush is doing. Quietly oiling up the DRAFT Machinery for Spring 2005.

    Kerry's NO-DRAFT plan to raise 40,000 additional troops and avoid reinstatement of the draft is added up this way (my synthesis):

    1. Move some paper-pushers to combat (lots of potential there in nearly a million non-active-duty)

    2. Increase enlistment with real scholarships and pay raises

    3. Let troops know Special Ops will hunt al-Queda, no more invasions needed, so Guard/Reserve re-up rate goes up. "Primarily a law enforcement effort, not a full military effort", say JK on MTP.

    4. Start a "Civilian Stability Corps" that would help in reconstructing Afghanistan and Iraq and relieve military pressure.


    "...I propose that we enlist thousands of them in a Civilian Stability Corps, a reserve organization of volunteers ready to help win the peace in troubled places. Like military reservists, they will have peacetime jobs; but in times of national need, they will be called into service to restore roads, renovate schools, open hospitals, repair power systems, draft a constitution, or build a police force. A Civilian Stability Corps can bring the best of America to the worst of the world and reduce pressure on the military."

    Source: Kerry, John. "Protecting Our Military Families in Times of War: A Military Family Bill of Rights." March 17, 2004.

    With this NO-DRAFT PLAN, Kerry will not have to resort to conscription, even after Bush screwed the whole thing up.


  2. MaxPower

    MaxPower Kicker Of Asses

    Christ the spamming......

    Hip Forums could use a few mods to reduce the double/triple posting around here.
  3. CyberFly

    CyberFly Banned

    I think they are doing fine, but if you want to piss and moan about it, maybe they should use a module to filter the same crappy third party over generalizations.

  4. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Cyberfly, dude, you gotta stop posting the same damn thing in five different forums. At least come up with a different post if you want to get across the same picture, you are just being lazy.
  5. renee

    renee Member

    Kerry's an arse, Bush is an arse.... They're all arses! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. CyberFly

    CyberFly Banned

    From what I see on this thread, Bush will have an easy victory.

  7. renee

    renee Member

    No, I will.
    :eek: :cool:
  8. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    I disagree, while i think that Bush does have a chance at being re-elected, it will be a tough one. Similar to last election, i would assume.
  9. CyberFly

    CyberFly Banned

    I generally agree with you Sera except that Bush was not elected the first time to be "reelected". He is the first Court Appointed President in U.S. history.

  10. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    lol wow look at this, is bush really getting a draft up?
  11. Lizardman0

    Lizardman0 Member

    I think each individual should have the right to choose if they wanted to participate in this kind of war or not.

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