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Discussion in 'Politics' started by skip, Sep 27, 2018.

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    I know we already discuss this elsewhere, but this story deserves it's own thread, although by tomorrow it may all be over...

    Reactions to today's testimony to the Senate Judicial committee?
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    It's perfectly clear that the Republicans aren't interested in finding an impartial appointment to the court. That was established when they failed to grant Obama's pick, Merrick Garland even a hearing, let alone a vote.

    Now they are rushing to get Kavanaugh confirmed before the mid term elections. Railroading him through.
    It was bad enough when they failed to release the documents that were requested by the Democrats and his refusal to state his opinion on matters that may come before the court.
    In this latest twist they refuse to allow the FBI to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, instead holding their own mock investigation into the matter.

    The latest hearings were a travesty meant only to express their "concern" for the truth while declaring they will vote for him anyway in less than 24 hours.

    What this shows is that they have no intention of finding a candidate a majority of both parties can agree on, but are only interested in someone who will push their agenda and protect the president.

    This will only lead to a further politicizing of the court and undermine it's integrity.
    We will now have not one but two judges on the highest court in the land who have been accused of sexual misconduct, kavanaugh being the latest.

    Trump should immediately withdraw his nomination as no impartial investigation is being held and we will never know if the allegations are true or not. (But then again Trump is also an admitted sexual predator and not many Republicans care anyway.)
    Further Kavanaugh should have demanded an FBI investigation. His failure to do so and his refusal to ask for one can only make him seem guilty and a coward.
    He appears to be afraid of finding out the truth in the matter.

    For the rest of his life we will have a Supreme Court Justice under the cloud of suspension, and thus the court itself.

  3. What made my gut flip a little was that Kavanaugh wouldn't answer (I forget who asked) a question about whether or not he would ask the White House for an FBI investigation. He seemed to be asking "why? they're only going to gather witness statements that the Senate already has..." (that's not a direct quote, but it's close enough for government work...). If I were him I would beg for an FBI investigation. If anything will help him it's that; unless he did it. So it seems to me that he probably did that. And she took a lie detector test. Does anyone know if he will take one? Again, here, he seems to feel that it would be pointless because it's inadmissable in court??? That's where I think it seems a little obvious. He knows he isn't in court. No one suggested anything about court, and, as we've seen from the recent Cosby case, the statute of limitations is probably up on something that old. So, I think it's possible he did that.
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  4. Meliai

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    If Trump had an ounce of moral fiber he would withdraw the nomination
    but, ya know.
    Even if he is confirmed, this will hang over his head like a shadow his entire career and cast a shadow of doubt and distrust over the entire Supreme Court. That right there should be enough to withdraw the nomination.

    Remember how Kavanaugh skirted around the question when Kamala Harris asked him earlier this month if he had ever discussed the Mueller investigation with anyone at Trump's lawyer's firm?
    He acted the exact same way when asked about opening an FBI investigation into these assault allegations.
    He acts really guilty for someone who is supposedly a perfect, upright citizen.
  5. Toker

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    No statute of limitations in Maryland.
    He can be charged while on the bench of the SC.

    I'm waiting for avanati to file charges, prob after he's confirmed. If convicted he can be removed.
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  6. NotMyRealName

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    Ford was very believable. With 2 attorneys and 20 days to prepare, she did well.

    Kavenaugh was way to combative. He didn't need to try and be so repetitive on his choir boy persona. It didn't present as well as Ford did. His record spoke all it needed to. He hass ZERO complaints over many years and an excellent record of appointing female legal staff. Better than any other judge. All with glowing recommendations. And glowing reviews at every level you can have from the legal community.

    He could have just skated. But he had good reason to be angry. Ford had to be treated with kid gloves and play nice rules or she would not have testified. They framed that up to protect Ford quite well. And the Republicans I think showed the respect towards her they needed to. They all believed she had been assaulted.

    He was correct that it was a search and destroy mission when it came his turn.

    I think the Dems overplayed this one. They thought they'd make better progress with a public witch hunt and well rehearsed attacks. Kavenaugh took the bait too many times. He didn't need to. The Dems were helping him just plenty.

    Booker an admitted groper of women, should have kept his mouth shut. But that's like expecting the world to stop spinning. Or better yet they should have not had him in the panel at all. Shows the hypocrisy.

    I would have preferred to hear Kavenaugh say "Yes I'd like an FBI investigation be opened and it include all activities the Dems did from the moment they got the phone call from Ford. If in fact she made the call as she claimed.

    She also implored it be kept quiet. That didn't go well. I predict the Dems will have zero use or concern for her in about a week if the vote is held and he is confirmed. Accomplishing nothing for them, she will be discarded and abandoned.

    And yes both of their lives are never going to be the same from this. I hope Ford can have at least a quite life and be able to live in peace. I doubt Kavenaugh will have that chance.
  7. MeAgain

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  8. Asmodean

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    These serious matters will always become a political travesty in todays America. Classic Dems vs. Reps... hopeless.
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  9. MeAgain

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    It appears it's all the Clinton's fault.....etc.

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  10. NotMyRealName

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    Yet she kept quiet during the multiple background checks that took place on Kavenaugh.

    I've been through these. They turn over every rock they can. If she was a classmate, with a direct relationship they would have interviewed her.
  11. MeAgain

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    I don't know who you are referring to as "they" but isn't that the purpose of an investigation?
    An investigator investigates. That's why we have something called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Their job is to turn over every rock and see what's under it.

    An accusation is made about someone applying for a lifetime position on the highest court in the land, no strike that, three accusations; they range from attempted rape to gang rape.
    No wrong again there are more allegations...hard to sort these out....if only we had something like a national investigation organization......

    But the Republicans don't want to know what's under those rocks, hence they carry out their own "investigation" even though they aren't trained in investigation. Strange.

  12. Okiefreak

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    To me, the hearings have been a travesty. First of all, large bodies of evidence pertinent to Kavanaugh's days as a partisan operative were denied to the committee. Then, when Ford surfaced, an objective FBI investigation was denied and a key witness, Mark Judge, was not subpoenaed. Kavanaugh says, well Judge signed a statement under oath. As a judge, he's well aware of the need to allow confrontation and cross-examination under these circumstances. From a tactical standpoint, it's usually not advisable for a person accused of sexual assault to come across as angry and belligerent but we'll see. The Committee is about to begin its final hearings session and vote. More later.
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  13. snowtiggernd

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    I believe Dr. Christine Ford.
    I also believe there is a whole lot of shit about Kavanaugh we don't know yet.
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  14. NotMyRealName

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    If they agree to an investigation and suddenly we get 8 more that miracously find the new found opportunity to accuse then the investigation can drag on for months and months. Easy to figure out the game.

    I agree it's been a complete spectacle. If we investigate Kavenaugh back to High School why stop there? Perhaps we should go back to when was he first taught what right or wrong is and investigate his conduct from that point forward. Then let's investigate his parents. They might be hiding something.

    Your asking the FBI to open an investigation and to expect recollections from 35 years ago, to be accurately conveyed from an admitted man that has addiction histories (Judge). And accurate recollections of people that seemed to all agree had parties where drinking was a theme. As was common in most walks of young people's lives. Good luck with that.

    What the Dems are really asking is, let us tell the FBI what we expect them to find or risk being skewered in another public spectacle if they don't find what they need them to find.

    I belive there is a lot we don't know from both sides. Convieniently CNN was able to broadcast 2 women blocking Flakes elevator so they could publically verbally assault him. All by shear chance of course.

    Yet nobody can manage to find the same type assault on Booker in his travels and confront him directly on what he has admitted to doing in high school. Seems to me they are assaulting the wrong person.

    Nothing partisan going on here at all.
  15. Okiefreak

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    Ordinarily, it's up to the finders of fact to assess the credibility of witnesses. That "admitted man that has addiction histories" is identified by Blasey Ford to have been in the same room when the event occurred. She also says she could better determine the date of the incident if she knew when Mark Judge was working at Safeway. To allow him to hang a "Do not Disturb" sign on his beach house hideaway and let him be is not normal procedure in a legal investigation. He provided a statement. Members of the committee should have an opportunity to cross examine him on that statement. That's just elementary due process.
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  16. Deidre

    Deidre Follow thy heart

    I thought Dr Ford was credible and that Kavanaugh was lying. I also think it’s super fucked up that Mark Judge won’t come out of hiding to testify. “I’m a cancer survivor and alcoholic so public speaking makes me stressed.”

    Grow a pair.

    “Lying under oath makes me stressed,” is probably more like it. lol
  17. Flagme15

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    the court, and Kavanaugh will be tainted forever.

    so this is what I have been hearing. If the dems retake the house, and if the dems retake the senate(big if), they will start impeachment proceedings against kavanaugh.
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  18. NotMyRealName

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    So swearing out a statement with penalty of surgery not once but twice isn't sufficient? Not credible? Not to be believed?

    I'd like to include the 2 men that came forward and stated they were the men there and assaulted her. Would they be as credible as Judge if they swore it happened?
  19. NotMyRealName

    NotMyRealName Member

    Can he get 2 attorneys to help him? He is a recovering addict. They require the same level of care as any other compromised mental capacity witness would. Such as Ford was given. Compromised in that this trauma does not allow her to speak in the same mental capacity as those that have not been through what she did.

    Can they also investigate the new admission that Ford revealed when she admitted that she was "seeing", not "datng" someone that she previously said she didn't know? How reliable can her recollections be if she forgets people completely?

    No need to give anyone a pass in a legal investigation. Victims need to be investigated also. Otherwise it is an incomplete record.

    You see the whole process would not serve much in the end. Exceot to further brutalize peoples lives. Investigations would be politicized. Nobody would want it to be all one sided. It would be debated for as many months as the Dems could manage it. Which I'm sure is the point.
  20. Deidre

    Deidre Follow thy heart

    Who are you talking about?

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