Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by UltraChi, Feb 9, 2009.

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    So I am finally moving out for college next year and am living with some awesome friends, but after we signed our leases and everything we have heard that the management at the apartments suck! Does anyone have any advice on how not to get screwed over by them, or charged with damages that aren't ours?

    I was thinking about walking the unit with the manager before we move in to write down all of the damages and what not that areen't ours...

    But if anyone knows other ways to cover our asses please tell!!
  2. pictures.. and a typed up and signed letter of visual damages of the apartment on the first day would be a good start... then take it to the office and have them look it over and sign it..

    PS: be sure to check out Professor's in kato.. awesome headshop :D
  3. TidalWave

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    Yep take pictures and or video. Have a current newspaper in the film to give the judge an idea of the timeline. Also who knows if the rumors you are hearing are true or not just make sure to pay your rent, try and be respectful with your neighbors and be polite with the landlord and management company.
  4. exactly.. the former tenants that did not had a good experience could have been asshole residents.. and the landlord may have had reason to be an asshole twords them

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