Kannal Jan.14-15 & opening for Franti

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by drumminmama, Jan 11, 2005.

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    click on kannal.
    The shows are

    FRIDAY Jan 14-05 - Boulder, CO
    The Fox Theatre
    KAN'NAL W/ very special guest, blues legend …OTIS TAYLOR
    Limited all ages tickets available.

    SATURDAY Jan 15, '05 - Denver, CO
    Fillmore Auditorium
    Opening for Michael Franti & Spearhead
    KAN’NAL goes on early. *8:00 pm sharp* !!!
    This is a 16+ show !!!

    SATURDAY Jan 15, '05 - Denver, CO
    The Official After Party @ Dulcinea’s 303-832-3601
    KAN ‘NAL plays a full late night set !!!!
    MIDNIGHT after the Spearhead show.
    21 +

    Travel and play safe
    Peace, strength and light.
    See you all soon !!
  2. Wishin' I was in Co. Saw Kan'nal at Zenfest. Great Show!
  3. drumminmama

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    KanNal was the last band to give me that energetic pure bliss vibe that I chase so hard.
    I truly believe that "IT", the vibe, was released as the Dead lost their power and love for what they were doing.I saw it in eary Phish, early cheese (97-98) Yonder still cathes it, but KanNal... ohh my g-d. An amazing, full pick you up, surf the phsychedelic/tribal billows and dump you off on a distant shore experience.
    The passion, the intellect and the oppenness blow me away and help me lighten up in my day to day life.
    Did they have the fire spinners at Zen fest?
  4. drumminmama

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    oh my G-D!
    I wasn't at the Fillmore, but I was at Dulcinea's and WOW WOW WOW.
    Tzol and Company ripped the camera from my hands and musically told me THIS is what you need to see...
    Gilly Gonzalez tore the room up on percussion. I've known he was good but last night's energy was screaming off of him and pulsing out through the room and onto Colfax.
    I cannot wait to get the film developed (getting back into the film from digital for three years)
    Just as they started, another photographer for LaVoz asked if they were spiritual.
    Oh my and shooting stars. They rolled into a power-set meant to bring the Ancient of Days into the psychedelic world.
    Dulcinea's is a small room, maybe 300 people. EVERY LAST ONE was captured, even the non KanNal folks.
    Many had seen them for the first time hours before at the Fillmore.
    A fabulous send off before a two month break in Mexico.
    In Lakesh

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