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Discussion in 'Politics' started by erofant, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. ~Zen~

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    Here in Mexico there is little of the hysteria gripping the US over the vaccination. I feel so lucky being away from that madness!

    I hear people go about ripping masks off people's faces and spitting on them for wearing one. Geez... civilization is gone. Where did it go???
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  2. Tyrsonswood

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    'Murica... Fuck Yeah.
  3. wilsjane

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    I sometimes wonder whether they are saving them from a nasty infection.
    Some of the masks here in London don't look as if they wave been washed since last Christmas. :D
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  4. ~Zen~

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    Good point.

    I also saw someone drop theirs in the dirt in the road and put it back on.
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  5. erofant

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    Forgive me for noticing the obvious - but ........... if masks do NOTHING, don't prevent the spread of infections ........... why have they been / are they being used in surgical operating rooms??? When SARS broke out in China & Japan some years ago, all their people were wearing masks. Crowds were shown on TV networks wearing masks .......... and they didn't riot & attack each other for wearing them.

    The U.S. - and I'm here - has a real "tough guy / he-man" identity problem. Since when does wearing a mask make one a "sissy" ??? I've worked in BIG construction all my career, and we all had to wear masks to keep us safe from hazardous dusts, fumes, and vapors at times - sometimes all day long and for multiple days. No "sissies" on those jobsites!!! Those that claim you can't breathe wearing a mask are full of shit. They whine about a falsehood. I'd have been dead - along with millions of others who've worn masks at work - long ago if that were true. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

    As for those that claim, ".... people aren't dying of Covid, they must have had something else instead beforehand that killed them - WHY would doctors and medical examiners / coroners make up lies about what a person died of ???? If we follow THAT line of thinking, a life-long smoker who died of lung cancer or emphysema didn't actually die from smoking, it was because they had "internal organ failure" of an unknown origin. And the heavy drinker who died of cirrhosis / liver failure didn't really die from drinking too much, it was because they had misalignment of their spine.

    X-rays of damaged lungs and slow suffocation aren't negotiable. I had 2 close relatives almost die of Covid - both in ICU on ventilators - not expected to survive. Neither ever smoked or had any underlying health problems, but they both have permanent lung damage and one is still on oxygen at home a year after getting Covid. Doctors told both of them that their newly-acquired handicaps will be permanent. One is exhausted after walking from one room to the next. I don't think their current problems or their stays in the ICU's were from bad genetics or not eating enough vegetables. If a person gets Covid, and because of the Covid-induced breathing struggles causing a lack of oxygen to their heart, they have a fatal heart attack - they DID NOT die of heart disease. They died because of Covid. Covid is the catalyst to organ failures because it prevents the free flow of oxygen to the ENTIRE BODY. How can ANY organ function without enough oxygen???

    When people in Africa died in big numbers from the Ebola outbreaks, did ANYONE on the planet say they died of "organ failure", or an earlier health problem?? An underlying condition??? Smoking??? Malnutrition???Bad water supply??? NO.

    People die every day from all sorts of things. But when hospitals are suddenly overrun with Covid cases, and funeral homes and hospital morgues are overflowing with bodies, to the point where numerous refrigerator trucks must be lined up to store the dead .......... those deaths ARE NOT CAUSED by "organ failures of unknown origin", car accidents, suicides, food poisoning, or stubbed toes. They died OF COVID.
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  6. ~Zen~

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    Masks work. Only an idiot would say otherwise...

    Oh yes. There are idiots out there!!!
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    The public schools in Oklahoma, as well as the press, swept the Tulsa race riot and massacre of 1921 under the rug. It's been called one of "the single worst incident of racial violence in American history” Tulsa Race Massacre | The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture
    complete with burning of Black Wall Street, one of the wealthiest communities in the U.S. at the time.
    A conservative friend of mine took a history course offered for adult education and was shocked and angry that he hadn’t been taught about it in Oklahoma schools
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  8. erofant

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    And the school situations are only GOING TO GET WORSE. And it's NOT because of teachers. It's because THE REPUBLICAN PARTY wants to stop some historical truths from being taught anymore. They don't want the UGLY parts of U.S. history taught - like how the Native Americans were robbed of their lands, killed, forced to move onto "reservations" in desolate, barren regions considered "wastelands" by white European settlers, slavery, lynchings and murders of black people, "Jim Crow" laws, voter suppression of years past - and NOW AGAIN - racism by whites (and I'm white .... but a believer in FACTUAL TRUTH), and climate change.

    All things THE REPUBLICAN PARTY doesn't want taught in schools. Look at their actions.
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