just saw Woodstock for the 1st time

Discussion in 'Movies' started by TooMuchTheMagicBus, Aug 21, 2005.

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    so I saw woodstock for the 1st time this weekend, they've been playing it continuously all weekend on vh1classic. it's an amazing movie, perfect to watch if you're buzzed, it made me wish so bad i could have been there!

    The Who performance and Arlo Guthrie stuck out most to me. The Who was just amazing live and super-energetic and not to mention the 2 songs they did were great and the Arlo Guthrie performance was also crazy because of the "smoking pot" video montage thing they did while he was singing.

    amazing. too bad i was born into the wrong generation.
  2. drew172

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    i just watched it tothis weekend....the first half on friday and i watched most of the last half last night but i couldnt finsh from hendrix on because the dvd was really shitty....but it was really good....i liked how jimi sounded during voodoo child....the whole movie was pretty friggin amazin tho
  3. Penny

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    Great movie... I own it on DVD, never watched it high, though.. don't need to be stoned to appreciate it :)
  4. The Acid Queen

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    It's great, isn't it? I love it, and like you, I especially love Arlo Guthrie's performance because of the all the people smoking. :)

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