Just realized how accepting Native Americans are

Discussion in 'Gay News' started by Hip-Hoplover1, Jun 14, 2006.

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    In many Native American cultures before European people came homosexuals were considered blessed people. Lesbians did marry men despite their sexual preference, however, they only married the tribes greatest warriors because those men were the only ones considered worthy enough to marry a woman as sacred and special as a lesbian. The reason they were so revered is because homosexuals were seen as being of both sexes and were seen as being a liason between the sexes. Gay men were prized for their special gifts and talents and often became the shamans and medicine men of the tribes.
  2. TreeFiddy

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    I wanna be a shaman too :(
  3. CrazybutLazy

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    I always thought North America would be better if the Native Americans had won the war.
  4. ihmurria

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  5. mushie18

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    i had never heard this before.
  6. Hip-Hoplover1

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    Native Americans are like the coolest people on the planet. Their civilized, religious, accepting, and enviromentalists. I don't think I've encountered a people more virtuous than them.
  7. SelfControl

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    It's fairly common in Hindu cultures for boys to "practise" on each other before settling down with a woman. Basically the religions which don't believe in one and only one god tend to be okay with it. Weird, no?
  8. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    :confused: I think that they're just as odd/unique/different as the rest of us

    historically very different, but most live in today's world
    (well, the youths do for sure, around here at least)

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