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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by SweeperOfDreams13, May 21, 2004.

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    Yeh, I wish I had friends who rolled.
    Maybe my girlfriend will sometime in the future... hopefully... that would be wonderful.

    EDIT: And I'm feeling the post-trip depression.
    It won't last long though... after a good sleep I'll be all happy again.
    It still was worth it.
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    Wow, it sounds like you had experienced everything most people do when they roll. I'm sorry I couldn't have been online while it was happening. But Josh-e is right, if you do it again you should try to do it with someone, e is a drug better used in social situations. But don't peer pressure somone into it. ;) For it being your first one I think it's fine that you took it by yourself, except for maybe if something were to happen, you need to make sure you're in a safe place where someone can find you. Since you were home, you were probably safe though.

    I was reading aloud what you were posting though to my boyfriend and we both really want to roll now. The way you explained everything was making us say, "yeah I remember that, yeah, cool". :D

    I've gotten sick a couple times rolling too, and once unfortunately was a few minutes after I popped a pill. That was awful. I have some stomach issues though so it probably wasn't the pills fault. And the after depression can suck sometimes, but as long as you remember what caused it, it'll pass more quickly. Give yourself some recovery time before you roll again so you don't send yourself into some accidental depression because your seratonin levels haven't gone back to normal. And although you're young, in case you can get access to it, stay away from alcohol too. I always look at drugs and their effect on the body (except maybe weed) as someting really harmful. Even though it was fun, your body may not agree and you have to let it catch up after what happened to it. If you do that then you'll almost always be fine afterwards. (I say almost because I'm not an expert on drugs so that's mostly my opinion and what has worked for me). :)
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