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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pressed_Rat, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Okiefreak

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    Ah yes, the Rothschilds. Those Jews! It finally comes out! The Elders of Zion are up to their own tricks! What are they up to now? Have they let the Illuminati in on it? How did you find out? You're one of them, aren't you--(Illuminati, I mean)?
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  2. Okiefreak

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    I just want to make clear that I'm not meaning to imply that Pressed Rat is an Anti-Semite. There has been a strong current of Anti-Semitism, though, in elitist theories involving the banking community. The Rothschilds were indeed instrumental in creating the modern global banking system., and have been a perennial favorite of conspiracy theorists of the Christian "New World Order" variety. A good example is Eustace Mullins, The World Order. a classic of Anti-semitic diatribe. Another is Freits Springmeier Bloodlines of the Illuminati. These folks will tell you how a few interconnected families rule the world through central banks like the Federal Reserve, and those who get in their way disappear. Which raises the question; how did they live to publish their books? Another question: How do they know? The favorite lists include the Rothschilds, of course, as well as the Rockefellers, the Morgans (JP Morgan Chase),the DuPonts, and (drumroll)--the Bush family. Other prime candidates would be the Arnaults, the Waltons, the Kwoks (Hong Kong), and the Carlos Slim family (Mexico), each worth over $20 billion., We know how the Bush's were involved politically. The others operate in a more shadowy, behind the scenes fashion--or maybe not, That's the problem with the whole approach: it's hard to prove or disprove, because if they're successful, nobody knows. So like other religions, it's all a matter of faith. Now we do know that certain families, like the Koch Brothers and the Mercers, are very involved politically--backing the Alt Right, the Tea Party, and other conspiracy theory factories.
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    Your views are CRAZY! Stop Making predictions.
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  4. Ged

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    ...all prophecy will fail

    ...and by that light we'll sail
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    I just realized this evening how crazy the Republican/Democrat debate really is in the US.

    Trump is awful, says the left. He has talked to Russia, and this is seen as the mother of all sin by the left.

    Interestingly enough, Russia is Communist/Socialist, right?

    Yet Bernie Sanders is basically a Socialist, and the left thinks this is okay. Modern Dems actually seem to lean toward a Socialist platform when dealing with the world. Modern Republicans (some) are more like old school Democrats. (Basically the ones who defy Trump).

    So this leads to confusion if you think about it. Socialism, what is it Democrats, good or bad?

    Or is it just what is convenient fodder at the time of the argument...See?
  6. The last person i would have put money on was Macron.
  7. morrow

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    Politics! You will never make perfect prediction!

    All the theories, all the dreams! Unless your a politician, at the top!

    You have no chance of predicting what they will do!

    Trump! Really?

    A man and woman, so far apart in life, she should have gone to jail! Really?

    A woman so weak, in health and trustworthiness! Really!

    Never try and make prodictions in politics! Never works!
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    So much for political predictions, eh?
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    Your post shows a lack of understanding abut the difference between the communism of the USSR which by the way did not turn out as intended and Democratic Socialism. They are nothing alike no matter how much you wish they were. I suppose you could make the argument that socialism is doomed to be the USSR but that too ignores facts. North Korea refers to itself as democracy, so does that mean America is the same? Does that mean democracy is doomed to fail? Is Korea actually a democracy? Was Russia actuly socialist? You need to answer these for yourself.

    You ignore the many countries in Europe which have a socialized healthcare and education system. They are still "free" too both in speech and their ability to make money. Capitalism and Socialism need to regulate each other.

    Also it's pretty sad to see the mental gymnastics of trying to justify Trump's contact with Russia.

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