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Discussion in 'Performing Arts' started by robertsplant, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. robertsplant

    robertsplant Guest

    I'm just about to graduate high school. In the past four years, my mind and soul have been through so many twists and turns...I've had full on panic attacks brought on by absolutely nothing but my own existential thought. But lately everything has a strange clarity to it...Including what I want to be doing for now. I just want to record music, play live music, get a job to pay for my own fuckin food, and start trippin often. I don't have much experience with psychedelics, but I feel like I already comprehend everything I possibly could without them, and I've been doing a lot of research into growing mushrooms. I have a guitar, an amp, creativity, and I'm about to come into possession of some serious recording equipment.

    If any musicians in the US, Canada, or maybe Europe would let me crash on their couch (or floor!) you can have full access to my recording equipment. It'll totally be worth it because my being there won't cost you any money, and this is expensive equipment, and we can also have some good times losin our minds. I could even pay rent after I get a job in the area. Until then my parents will send me money for food/necessities.

    Anybody interested please message me and I'll send you a video of my guitar playing. Tell me a bit about you, I'll tell you a bit about me, next thing you now maybe we're watchin the soundwaves flow from our amps into an audience of aliens...Hope to hear from somebody, I know this is a long shot :p
  2. radioethiopia

    radioethiopia Member

    I'm willing to give you an opportunity that is about what you're asking for. The lotus cup coffee shop in corpus christi, texas gave me that opportunity over ten years ago, when I was 22. I lived on their couches. I started to take my art seriously. I started to wake up, pay attention, and try. I only started, man...but I've never been a finisher, and my most requested and beloved songs were all written in that time.

    I have been accumulating equipment. I have grown mushrooms. If you perceive me as honest, then you realize I have nothing so petty to gain out of this.

    I also have no money to get you to texas. I am poor (see: musician) But once you got here you would be fed as much as possible. I'm not seeing any advantage for you if you have to work any more than part time. My best friend, who I live with, just had his first book published. He's 43. I'm 34. You think you can do better, younger? You can. If you find a situation more appealing, or beneficial, I trust to you to follow your luck and intuition to that location. If you decide to ponder coming my way, let me know! The only hoop I will make you jump through is being real and direct with me. Hopefully you understand that I've ingested such a plethora of hallucinogens in my life that either almost nothing impresses me, and/or everything does. I don't know.

    Why don't you send me a video of you playing guitar either way, and I'll sent you one of myself, if you like...
  3. robertsplant

    robertsplant Guest

    I'm very glad to have gotten this response; I can't begin to express my gratitude for this opportunity. I'll have a chance to make a video Sunday night. I've actually written enough music to fill up at least three albums. I'm going to start recording as soon as I get the equipment, which has been promised to me as a graduation present from my family. If there's anything about my character worth mentioning its my honesty, your hoop shouldn't be a problem.

    My parents can help me get to Texas, and can send me food money as well. I'm a vegan, so to lessen the burden on everyone I should probably handle my own food. I know from experience that when others try to feed me it can turn into a real hassle for them.

    I've actually started writing a novel as well, what kind of book has your friend written? You both sound like interesting and genuine people. Where I live there are a lot of "fakes"...Or victims of conditioning, to be more empathetic about it.

    How much room is there? If I venture your way (which definitely sounds like the best thing I could do at the moment), I would like to bring my guitar, amp, laptop, mixer, microphones, keyboard (a pretty big one with a stand), and longboard.

    Do you or your friend happen to own a drum set or bass guitar by any chance? I've planned on my recordings including these instruments, and they're available to me where I am currently but I can't take them with me.

    Hope to hear back from you soon, this opportunity sounds absolutely perfect.
  4. radioethiopia

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    oooohhh, I just sold my drumset because no one ever played it...shit. I did need the money, so I guess I can't apologize.

    Btw, I lost my laptop, so my internet presence was scarce. I now have it back (I suppose I misplaced it, rather). I'm catching up on schoolwork right now so I will post more.

    If you want some correspondence with pics of what I have to offer you, you can correspond with me at Reverend Toad @ gmail . com

    I'm sure you can put that together...spacewise, we have a two car garage with only one car, and I am in a very tight knit community of friends that includes some local musicians and a criminal defense attorney (who is a vocal NORML member). I still need to skype with you, along with my housemate/best friend. His book is called "reflections on freedom, something something something" and will be available on scamazon (lol) quite soon. We're proofing one last time. More to come, now that I see you've answered...
  5. radioethiopia

    radioethiopia Member

    Also, if you can be a vegan in texas, you are amazing.

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