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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by mookka, May 26, 2007.

  1. mookka

    mookka Member

    yea so i just got 3 stamps.... I'm planning on doing them tomorrow I guess, only thing is I dunno how strong they are. The last time I got some around here it was weak as shit and I took two and it wasnt that crazy, So i guess im gonna do all three tomorrow morning, keep you posted.
  2. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    good luck :)
  3. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    3 of really good stuff could be a very intense experience if your not used to tripping. Be prepared for strong acid even though its not likely given your hookups. That way at least your mentally prepared for an all out psychedelic assualt if it goes down.
  4. mookka

    mookka Member

    yesterday was one of the most confusing but fun days of my life. I was actually kinda surprised that the visuals weren't that intense since all the propaganda vids they make us watch at school talk about kids seeing goblins and stupid shit like that. I got patterning and a hardcore mindfuck, it was awesome......
  5. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    yeah propaganda fuels the common misconception of what acid really is. A dose of acid is no more intense then a heavy dose shroom trip (assuming the shrooms are good) its just adifferent kind of trip. However A heavy dose of potent acid blows anything else out of the water besides maybe DMT which ive yet to try. The media makes people think acid is so outlandish and crazily intense that it isn't fun. At recreational doses its mainly just kleidascope patterns resulting from stimulation of your serotonin sensory nuerons. Its very basic in its effects when you think about it.

    My hypothesis is that the patterns and crazy web of psychedelic imagery all correlates to the complex structure in which are nuerons are scattered throughout our brain, and stimulation of the nueron receptors allows us to witness the structure and basic shape. It makes sense if you look beyond all the colors and just look at the actual patterning. I used to think this trait was belonged only to lsd before i tried 2ce, but the same type of visuals are apparent.
  6. TheSeeker

    TheSeeker Member

    The effects of acid are dependent in LARGE part on the mindset of the doser, including but not limited to expectations, open-mindedness, and the ability to let go. John Lilly, the man who invented the sensory deprivation tank, tripped for the first time on only 100 micrograms. I read his trip report, and I've almost never heard of anyone tripping as hard as he did. He experienced far greater effects from 100 micrograms than many people do from 5+ hits. On the other hand, you have the Indian guru Neem Karoli Baba who took 1200 micrograms at age 70+ and was functioning with no (externally obvious) impairment whatsoever. So, to say that LSD in low doses is no big deal and LSD in high doses is riduclously crazy is very misleading in my opinion - certainly, in general I can see how one would think this, but it's all in the mind...
  7. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    what you say is true to an extent...but i have a problem with your retort because of a few things

    1) I garuntee that the indian guru was very sound of mind and trained in psychedelic use...if you give 1200+ mics to a first time user the effects are going to transcend profound and even the word intense in itself. 1200+ mics is a really heavy dose, i dont know exactly what the most ive taken is, but im almost positive its been at least capped at a thousand. Im very experienced with LSD and to say that i was enjoying myself is a lie, it sucked im not going to make up stories about how tough i was mentally. In the long run it was great. But for the 8 hour peak, i def was not having a good time. And regardless how well he handles himself in this state....its still fucking crazy, he is still tripping rediculously hard. Hes very sound of mind and can handle it, but that doesnt take away from the majesty of the experience. 1200mics is a whopper dose and no matter who you are, its going to be "rediculously crazy" regardless how well you handle the effects.

    2) I never said low doses are no big deal, reread the post. I said it was no more intense then a heavy dose of good mushrooms. Which is true. Did that guy you mention ever eat quarter of insane shrooms and compare the effects to a hundred mics? I doubt it. And if he did, i dont think he would think the 100 mics so profound.

    3) The cases you speak of are rare cases. For the most part what i said is correct. Ive dosed with many people and i know and have spoken to many people who dose. Out of the hundreds of people of come in contact with on acid who were also on acid, i rarely ever hear of someone being subjected to complete ego loss on less then one tab, and even when i have it was of really really potent LSD. Im not going to lie, some people freak out, ive heard stories of tweak fits off 1-2 hits. But these people are people who should NOT take LSD period...and their manic personalities made this fact an obvious one. On the flip side, most people cant handle an 1200+ dose as well as an Indian LSD guru...not you, nor I, nor the son of god himself.

    I think you got the impression that I'm down playing the effects. If so, reread my post carefully. I never said "LSD is a toy, dose low and its weak shit". All I said is that 1-2 hits is no more intense then a fat dose of good shrooms, and i stand by that point.

    Did you ever stop to consider that this man who took 100 mics is a very good writer, and can explain in very vivid detail his description of an experience which most people have trouble recalling, and that fact alone made it seem like he was tripping face beyond the comrehension of his readers. And even if he was tripping as hard as you say he was, that doesnt mean he didnt have a wonderful time, in which case my point is 100% valid considering i never said a low dose was no big deal. I simply commented on how the media makes any dose of LSD look not fun and way too intense for anyone to handle, especially in relation to mushrooms, which can be equally intense at the right dose.

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