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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Maon, May 20, 2004.

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    Originally Posted by Spuff
    Personally, I think that if they did away with the royal family and spent the extra money on ways to get more people into work, then that would generate more tax to be spent on better hospitals, schools, etc ... well, in theory!!

    (this post not aimed at you dude! ... its just a rant which may help one receptive person find their way which is all you can hope for)

    HAHAHAHA .. riight! .. be serious! ... more ways to get the minions alive to keep earning more money for the minority who control it. well it is a nice thought ....

    The states, and the uk i am sure, restrict the growth of underdeveloped nations for precisley that reason ... take control of your life by shedding this desire to earn lots of money to buy these materal things.

    proportional representation and a restriction on how much one can earn would be good .. lets say for argument sake ... 100% tax on any earnings over 250,000 grand .. and a minimum wage that is releastic ... and more and more job sharing ... lets leave a bit of time to enjoy life.

    You can talk about it all day long or you can be part of the those who just do it .. just say .. no i am capable of earning shit loads of money and working all day but no .. i won't i will be happy with working part time, shed all the shit which you think you need and you don't and spend more time on the things you really think are enjoyable and worthwhile for yourself.

    Profits, in the whole, are dictated by what we are prepared to pay and by what we are told we need from advertisers which plays on people's insucurities and pre-conditioning.

    Change comes from action.

    Take it upon yourself if you feel strongly about it and others will follow one day and others too. Only in that way will you address the balance which will hold us in harmony with our fellow humans and the world itself.

    love and peace

    infact ... dont bother posting a reply to this thread. If you disagree with it then thats cool there is notheing to be gained by debating it.

    If you agree then .. just go do it!

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    sorry giles but i wanna reply :p
    I myself have just done that, i've told my work place that i only want to do 2 - 3 nights a week because i'm not bothered about the money... i just wont to be able to do my own thing and be happy with myself :) and i feel so much better for it...... am glad someone feels the same :)
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    Fascist :p

    I agree in principle. Settling for less hours and surviving on less money is a good idea. Unfortuantely, my employer is having none of it! Shame really, coz I could afford a 20% pay cut and would be quite happy on a four day week.

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