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Discussion in 'Gay Polls' started by itsallgood, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    Allright well its offical iam really gay lol compared to being bisexual and not even liking gys at all like 2 months ago but anyways...i still get a really big draw from women, you guys think i just crave women or what...anyone else can relate?:cheers2:
  2. Aesthete

    Aesthete Member

    No, I can't say I can really relate. Some women can be sort of attractive, but I find major flaws in their appearances that I don't find in male appearances. Plainly, I find female breasts and vaginas unattractive, or just plain repulsive. Girls' faces... sometimes can be cute. With guys, it's all good. And in the realm of emotional attraction, guys win hands down. I could only love a guy in a romantic context. Many people just discovering their sexuality seem to think of the idea of being with a guy as weird, but I see things oppositely: the notion of being with a girl is strange and awkward to me, while the idea of being with a guy just seems right. And the expression of my heart's true romantic desires goes only to boys.
  3. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    thats what its always been like for me, always been around guys and loved to joke with them and talk but i cant say anything about girls because ive never been around any of them but iam like i said strongly attracted to anything face, ass, boobs and offcouse i have major foot fetish, its really weird i know lol and i like talking to girls too....iam attracted to guys though physically and emotionally but i believe more so girls...idk fuck lol
  4. meridianwest

    meridianwest Senior Member

    same thing here. i still don't understand what guys see in women. although i know it's not some decision you make on a rational basis.

    guys being with guys, though, makes sense. it's natural.

    straight guys sometimes say that being attracted to women is natural. like it's the only natural possibility. thing is i never even thought about which sex i should like, i never had any doubts about it. i always knew right from the beginning that i liked guys.
  5. Jerimiah

    Jerimiah Member

    My first sexual experience was with a guy, and it wasn't for another 3 years that I had my first hetro sex. I remember thinking afterwards, was that it. She had just lair there, but when I had had sex with that 17 year old boy when I was 14, it was fantastic. He had made love to me. Sucked me, fucked me, had me suck him. It wasn't until I had my first hetro sex that I realized that I was gay.
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