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  1. LetLovinTakeHold

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    I've never been called up.

    Every employer I've had pays at least 80% of full time employees wages while serving jury duty.

    Everyone sees to bitxh about it but I kinda want to do it. I'd probably get the most boring case ever though, and regret it immediately.
  2. r0llinstoned

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    I got a notice to be summoned for it in the mail like two months ago but i never sent it back in. fuck them
  3. Lynnbrown

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    I've been picked for jury duty a number of times. You have to to stand up in front of the prosecution and defense. Either side can say "Pass"...they ALWAYS said "Pass" when it came to me. lol Sometimes it was the defense and sometimes it was the state. :D Whatever, they didn't want my wild-card ass in that jury box.

    Here you get like .20 per mile, and I don't live that far from the courthouse. (4 miles) You get that Big Mileage plus $5 per diem, I think. yay...right! ;) The employer does not have to pay you one red cent. Even though I worked for 3 different places during the times I've had to report for jury duty not one place gave me anything but grief because I wasn't there working.
  4. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    I got called up for lots of accidents the first 3 times i got jury duty but never got picked. Mainly because my mom was in an accident and i thought she should have gotten money. Then i got called for a kidnapping case and weapon charges. I had to call out of work every day. On the day the case started i showed up and when i got there i was told the defendant plea-bargained and there was no case. I got home and decided not to go to work being i already called and told them i had duty again. Turns out that i didnt know my phone was disconnected which is why i never got the call to tell me not to show up. When i got to work the next day the book keeper said i was faking it. Turns out when the court couldnt get me at home they called my work to say i didnt need to show up.
  5. Spectacles

    Spectacles My life is a tapestry Lifetime Supporter

    :rofl: Can't win for losing.

    I was called up a few times in NY but never served. My employer did pay for the time I was off. In Ohio I was also called a few times and did serve on one case. It was settled that day. My employer paid for my absence and I also received a check for $50. (they do report it to state and federal taxes and you do have to put it on your income tax at the end of the year.)

    The last time I was called they sent out a questionnaire first. I filled it out and sent it back and they never called me again. I think I know why. :2thumbsup:

    The case I served on was someone suing a guy for breaking his eyeglasses in a bar brawl. Broken glass guy wanted to be reimbursed.

    It was no contest that the fight guy was guilty of fighting (and he was charged in another case for that) but this case was only about the broken glasses. Fight guy was fighting with a couple guys and broken glass guy walked up behind him and tried to pull him around. Fight guy threw his fist over his shoulder to hit broken glass guy but kept fighting with the guys in front of him.

    When we first entered the jury room several people wanted the fight guy to be guilty and be done with it. I have never been in a fight so I asked other people in the room if they were in a fight and someone came up behind them what would be their first reaction to having people coming at them from both sides. A couple of the guys said that it would be a reflex action to just throw your fist over your shoulder to hit the guy in the face. We ultimately determined that fight guy was not guilty in this case. If broken glass guy had not walked up behind fight guy his glasses would still be intact.
  6. odonII

    odonII O

    The English jury has its roots in two institutions that date from before the Norman conquest in 1066. The inquest, as a means of settling a fact, had developed in Scandinavia and the Carolingian Empire while Anglo-Saxon law had used a "jury of accusation" to establish the strength of the allegation against a criminal suspect. In the latter case, the jury were not triers of fact and, if the accusation was seen as posing a case to answer, guilt or innocence were established by oath, often in the form of compurgation, or trial by ordeal.

    During the 11th and 12th centuries, juries were sworn to decide property disputes but it was the Roman Catholic Church's 1215 withdrawal of support for trial by ordeal that necessitated the development of the jury in its modern form.

    Trial by ordeal was an ancient judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused was determined by subjecting them to an unpleasant, usually dangerous experience. Classically, the test was one of life or death and the proof of innocence was survival. In some cases, the accused was considered innocent if they escaped injury or if their injuries healed

    You must do jury service when you’re asked. It will be as local as possible to where you live.

    When you’re sent a ‘jury summons’, you must complete and return it within 7 days.

    Once your jury service is confirmed, you must turn up on the agreed start date. If you don’t, you could be fined £1,000.

    Jury service is unpaid but you can claim for food and drink, travel and loss of earnings.
  7. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    makes me wonder how many cases go past that 201 day mark. anyway this seems to be pretty close to what i have experienced here in the states. the state is less likely to reimburse you here but most employers do anyway.
  8. odonII

    odonII O

  9. lol.
  10. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    interesting stuff and i see i wont have time right now to look as much as i would like, but i likely will check out these links a little more later on. the one stat i was hoping to see was a list that went something like 5% of cases last a day 25% last 2 days 32% last a week...ect ect ect. i guess it could be there but that first link had to many things to search for.
    thanks by the way.
  11. In any case, I got the form for jury duty once but I have a felony, sooo.... just had to check that and cannot do it. It's too bad cause I think I would like doing jury duty and don't know why everyone bitches about it. It's something different to do anyways...
  12. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    One of the side effects of not voting... In most states you won't get called upon for jury duty because your name isn't on the list.

    CA uses DMV records so I got called once in my life... Wasted a day being in a room with 300 angry people, got $5. This netted the state of CA 3 plea bargains. See... they have video cameras in the room of 300 angry people. They show this video feed to the criminals and ask them if they want any of these people deciding their case?

    End result, plea bargain in most cases... Tomorrow they have another 300 angry people show up.
  13. odonII

    odonII O

    I was hoping for that.

    From what I can see, though, it's quarterly stat's and includes cases in there entirety (not just when juries get involved) -
    If the statistics are 'out there' I would imagine they are somewhere in those two links...

    I have to download Excel viewer before I can look at some of those files...
    ...which is taking FOREVER.

    Aint nobody got time for that.
  14. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    Last time I was called for jury duty I was living in another state and had for a few years. Neighboring state I used to live in decades before sent me a post card saying "you're on jury duty!" and my grandmother forwarded it to me. So I called them and told them I'd likely have a small problem showing up. They started threatening me telling me about getting arrested and doing time in jail and the costs so I told them to go fuck themselves, I ain't gonna do it! Then I gave them my then-true address and the name & number of the county sheriff and told them to grow a pair and do something about it.

    Never heard back.

    Was it something I said? ;)
  15. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    like i said before, i can only speak for nj but both different counties i got called for were the same. you sit around doing absolutely nothing for over 5 hours. with the only breaks being called into see if you will serve on a case, and with the exception of the kidnapping case they are all boring usually just a car accident. and while i still get paid its not as much as if i was at work. i can see some people liking jury duty but for most people it is a disruption of their routine. for example, i work at night so when courts are in session that is around the time i am usually sleeping.
  16. Spectacles

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    That is a bummer.
  17. cynthy160

    cynthy160 Senior Member

    That reminds me of the 'angry mob' scene that they would always do in the South Park cartoon series. The court might as well just show the angry mob cartoon scene to the defendants who are on trial and not even bother with calling in actual jurors.
  18. BeachBall

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    We don't have civil juries in England, except for libel cases. But we do for criminal cases, and coroners sometimes sit with a jury.

    I've never been called for jury duty.

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