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Discussion in 'Judaism' started by Disarm, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    I'm being given this set for my birthday..Does anyone know how good it is or what it's like or anything? I have no idea what to judge this book on and accurate...Apparently it's good but the seller told us that!!

    Does anyone know anything about it?
  2. the dauer

    the dauer Member

    The JPS is an excellent modern Torah commentary. It brings in heavy textual analysis including comparative Near Eastern mythology, documentary hypothesis, etc. Since you're getting the set and not the chumash, there will be a ton of information. Right now I have Numbers of the set you are getting. I'm planning on getting the rest of it when I have the money.

    But it won't give you a lot of medieval commentaries or traditional responses to the text. The commentators involved in this project are all well respected for their work in modern biblical analysis.

  3. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    yays!! If I have a stable place to live next year (which I doubt, by the way things are lookin) I can send you one to borrow if you want. I thought theyd be good, it sounded really good when I looked it up and found that link, price was good (US$105 rather than US$300)
  4. the dauer

    the dauer Member

    That's an awesome deal. Are they used? I'm actually trying to build up my library and that collection is something I would consider very useful to have at hand. So I'm probably just gonna end up buying up the volumes I'm missing soon.

    If you look online for used Judaica, there's actually a lot out there that's very reasonable. I got one of the few English books on the Dubno Maggid, including many of his stories, out of print, signed by the author, very cheap. It's all of the small used Judaica stores getting on the internet now.

  5. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    I think theyve basically been bought and discarded, it wasn't advertised as a new item but the guy said nothing about wear and tear..hmm.. that's why I asked, if they weren't all they were cracked up to be then I'd understand the price..

    I've inherited a sea of books but theyre mainly about jesus and who he 'really' was, biblical references to him, a bunch of which were written by jews trying to prove things..Some are good but theyre all so negative and bitter!! I've also got some jewish almanacs (great reading) and some stuff on the basics of judaism throughout history.. I got this because I want a non-internet based source for my actual study, not all the background material.. So yeah. Hopefully it will get me closer to where I want to be but ordering second hand books online is a great idea.

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