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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by BuffaloSoldier, May 27, 2004.

  1. good idea or bad idea?
    Joint of the Week company.... find some different buds to roll joints with every week. take subscriptions and mail all subscribers a new joint every week, for like 7 bucks or something. of course every subscriber would have to be a reliable. I wouldn't risk them being a spook. what do you think?
  2. emublazin

    emublazin Member

    good but bad. don't you think we would get busted pretty quick
    its prolly 10 narcs in here now
  3. I'd be tooooo carefull, and would only start with a small group of people that I know. I just think it would be cool to get a different joint in the mail every Monday. It would help with the Monday blues. And you get some different smoke to try every week also.
  4. That would be a really cool idea, I don't think it would work though!
  5. veg-0-matic

    veg-0-matic Member

    eeeeeekkkkkkk, I would maybe start a co-op with friends, share what you have, and as part of being in the co-op, everyone would agree to share 3 grams (a little under an 1/8) to be split equally, then rolled into joints, which would be distributed at a specified time and location.

    Stuff through the mail is very risky, I had a friend who mailed stuff to himself after going on a trip, then the DEA, and U.S. Marshalls showed up at his house 2 weeks later, threw him on the lawn, and took all his pipes, smoke, and other stuff. Not pretty. They are very careful with mail now after 9/11 and the anthrax scares. chances are you might just get a letter saying they found illegal contraband, don't do it again, but hey, he got busted for 6 grams of hash, not too much!!
    Play it cool, and keep stuff away from any government agency!!!!
  6. Flav_cool

    Flav_cool Member

    woa....why would it take them two weeks to come to their house? and did he actually ever receive in the mail, and then 2 weeks later they came for him?
  7. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    A "spook" would imply a black man. You wouldn't sell weed to a black man? Racist sob
  8. spook=government agent
    wanna take that back now?
  9. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    I think it would be a good idea if pot was legal, but its not so no matter how careful you are theres always that small chance you could get busted and so I don't think its very good idea.
  10. maybe it'll be a neiborhood thing... most people i hang out with live within a couple miles... i'll deliver on my bike...?
  11. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    I didn't realize it was going to be small like that. Yah, thats just like dealing a lil bit not pushing weight and its easy and relativly safe. It doesn't seem like that bad of an idea, just be careful. Even if you were pushing pounds as long as your smart about it you wont get caught.
  12. i used to push some bigger stuff a long time ago... i'm not really looking to push any quantity. it's more quality i'm looking for. it's not really for the money. i just think "Joint of the Week" is a good idea, and would be fun. It would be cool if i could get some of my friend's friends as customers, but it wouldn't be a huge nation-wide operation.
  13. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    It sounds simple, easy, and a good way to promote quality pot rather than a lot of the shwag thats out there these days. I might have to adopt this idea. ;-)
  14. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    We could all just start a local joint of the week club where we live.
  15. dotadave

    dotadave Member

    Will you be doing this in the netherlands? Because otherwise, you're going down.
  16. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    Me? No. You're the one calling black people spooks. Nice attempt to cover your tracks though. Gotta give ya a little credit.
  17. Tykn130

    Tykn130 Member

    No thats bad Why would you want to sent joints to other people. ME i would smoke them all then give it to other people. And dont mail it your get caught unless you dont put your address. I say safe your joints for your self

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