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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by rainbowkid, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. rainbowkid

    rainbowkid Member

    I was just wondering why every joined 'The Hip Forums' in the first place?
    The questions probably been asked before but, Oh Well.
    I'll start. I joined when I was searching Hippy clothing and then it took me to and then I noticed there was a Forum so I thought that I'd try and make some Hippy friends that shared the same interests that I did.
    Now your turn........
  2. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    well i've been very influenced by my wonderful dad all my life, and all of a sudden i was getting called a hippie at school, and i was getting all the info on them i could from my dad, and wanted to indulge myself in it.. so i was looking stuff up on them on google, and i came across, leading me here. once i looked around it, i just about lost my shit i was so damn excited so i joined and here i am. :)
  3. PuZuZu

    PuZuZu Member

    Uh, just something to interest me. I figured other people with different points of view can make me multidimensional. Things other people say I usually share with physical friends. The freedom of speech helps. Common interests. Messageboards are addicting and not demanding like a chatroom. Plus theres some interesting wise stuff on here. Its all personal developement with addiction tied in there. Plus the love to meet new people.

    I use Xanga too. Ask me for the URL in PM though. =P
  4. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

    wow um well i dont know but ive been interested in the 1960s....and everything that was happening during that time, the people and all.. and i was just looking up info..and then i came across this site! and im like hey ill join these glad i did! it changed me haha! weird 2 say ...but it really did!!! jus gave me a new perspective on everythang...
  5. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    haha, the hippy threads/clothes were what led me here too! :LOL and like someone else said, messageboards are addictive, yet easy to keep up with, full of wisdom, etc. and some of the folks on here remind me of people i would meet during my travelling, more free-spirited days.
  6. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    I searched for "Jimi Hendrix" on yahoo, and found this place somehow....

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