Johnni's Swap Box

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Edward G., May 19, 2004.

  1. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    Its in his signature.
  2. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    um, heh, that redneck poster guy is my brother. he's been using that any my name (urghh) while I've been gone *murder* ignore it.

    aaaaanyways, I'm back home now :) who has the swap box?
  3. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    I know I never got it....
  4. well i was next after skybutterfly, but i still havent gotten it.... hmmmm
  5. Butterflygal

    Butterflygal Member

    Soooooo sorry abt that!! My cpu broke and I finally got a new one today but I will send it to Crystalstarr this week for sure!!!
  6. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    alll good....

    as long as we all keep keeping trsack of it
  7. where am I on this list? it seems like this one was started forever ago.
  8. has this swap box fallen into a big black hole? I haven't heard anything for quite a while.
  9. Butterflygal

    Butterflygal Member

    Ugh, I'm the most horrible person in the world!! I didn't mail out the swap box yet and I'm so sorry!! I'll definitely do it as soon as I get my next paycheck!!
  10. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    To me it's not really that big of a deal cuz I have never even got one I have signed up for. I know I will get it eventualy. :)
  11. Butterflygal

    Butterflygal Member

    Sent it today!! I feel so much relief!!
  12. I got it today i'll send it off to tyedyelady in AZ next week.
  13. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no rush on this or anything but just wondering whats happenen with this. I know I should be next or so.
  14. hope it didn't get lost in the mail, hasn't made it here yet
  15. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

  16. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    any word?
  17. yes im sending it soon, i wanted to send it before i moved but didnt have the chance. sorry the swap box came to me during a move:( , but im now in Austin tx and within the next two weeks it will be out of my hands to the next.:)
  18. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    Who's next? I thought it was me but it's been so long I can't remember what's goin on
  19. its lastamericanhippie then i think its you

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