John Butler Trio in concert

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by abrandnewday, May 28, 2004.

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    wow! never have I felt this way about any band!! John Butler is a true hero- he's got it all right. He sings about how material crazy our world is gettin and how we 'all gotta get along.' Its all about love and u can feel it in the music- in the many ways he plays the guitar, the feeling of the bass runnin thru ur body, and the immense talent held by the drummer but most of all his voice. Close ur eyes and listen to his voice and the words. Sorry Im a bit mesmerised but if u ever see jbt live u'll understand. I saw them in wollongong, aus and i am seeing them in sydney soon aswell. John Butler is a true role model for hippies. I love him. anyone else seen them or going to or has anything to say at all. SAY IT :)
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    ah he is quite amazing! i love that his website is full of links to environmental campaigns. i'm seeing him at the hordern pavilion on the 9th of july. is this the one your going to? im so excited. i thought wollongong would be a shitty venue. i really like the hordern :)


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