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Discussion in 'People' started by themysterytramp, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Thekarthika

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    Dare you question the great Shaman's authority, anti-establishment, great spiritual poetry, wondrous music that sends you on trips, and most compelling black-leather demon of the 60's?
    For shame.
  2. SunLion

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    I respect him tremendously for "The End" alone.

    Agreed. What an incredibly powerful song. A masterpiece. And there's probably no better song "about" that era. Frank Zappa's spoof of it was hilarious:

    "Walk out of the kitchen
    Through the living room
    Back up the stairs
    Past your sisters room
    Past your brothers room
    You take a mask from the ancient hallway
    Make it down to your fathers room
    And you walk in
    And your father, your tiny sick father
    Is beating his meat to a Playboy magazine
    Hes got it rolled into a tube
    And hes got his tiny sick pud
    stuffed in the middle of it
    Right flat up against the centerfold
    There he is your father with a tiny sick erection
    And you walk in and you say:
    Father I want to kill you
    And he says: Not now son, not now..."
  3. moongazer

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    i say he was a genius. his poetry was amazing. and i love hearing him talk, he had such good ideas and a good way of thinking.
    and let's not forget-he made some awesome music!
  4. dirtydog

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    If Frank Zappa ever did anything in the way of performance or entertainment worth remembering, I'm not aware of it, and your quote reinforces my opinion. Obviously he made a lot of money, so a lot of people must disagree with me.

    In 1971 Don McLean sang the incredible ballad, "American Pie", which described his feelings:
    I went down to the sacred store
    Where I'd heard the music years before,
    But the man there said the music wouldn't play.

    And in the streets the children screamed,
    Lovers cried, and poets dreamed.
    But not a word was spoken.
    The church bells all were broken.
    And the three men I admire most,
    The father, son and holy ghost,
    They caught the last train for the coast
    The day the music died.
    Zappa helped kill the music.
  5. dirtydog

    dirtydog Banned

    Britney who?
  6. dirtydog

    dirtydog Banned

    "NO ONE GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE." -- Morrison
    "Love me two times -- I'm going away." -- Morrison

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