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    The post of Balbus you're referring to expands on the person 6-eyed is talking about in the OP? The last post on page 1? I don't see post numbers.
    That post still relates to the OP though. Then we get this post:

    6-eyed is implying that because there's (often) no fine line between moderate and radical islam we shouldn't make a distinction between the 2. You say this more clearly:

    To which i responded:

    I brought extremism into it because that's what is influencing 6-eyed and your opinions on moderate muslims to an extend he (and you as well) seems to ignore that our liberal and egalitarian societies are full of antiliberal people. But the muslim immigrant is more problematic for you guys, moderate or not. And for what reason:

    The reason is clear, yet wrong and very misleading.
    Which is why i pointed out:

    Then you went really off topic for seemingly no good reason because you got a thought about my use of the word native. Which is ok. But this were we started going on about wiped out indigenous people and strayed further away from the thread topic (which is partially about the distinctions between moderate and radical islam, how muslims get portrayed and handled on social media and further on in the thread, also directly because of posts of the OP, about muslim immigrants and how they eventually will overtake our egalitarian and liberal culture, with help of the left naturally)

    Overtaking a country's cultural values because the majority has changed (highly hypothetical scenario for the US btw. They might sooner have spanish as a first language) is nothing like violently wiping out the original residents. It could very well be a democratic process lol
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    A certain amount perhaps. But by who? Most likely other local people. The majority just moved or got assimilated (similar to north american indians before european colonisation). Why assume they got wiped out exactly? And by a foreign force even.
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  3. Ok, well, it happened every where else in the world, except on the land under your feet
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    Most of it was unclaimed around zero AD. The people who lived their before almost certainly moved, they weren't wiped out. Sorry, no cookie for you.
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    LOL there was one if - just the one - in the whole of that post just the one - you call one if a lot of ifs?

    As I’ve asked before are you reading the posts?

    Again I can’t stress this strongly enough – you really need to read the posts.

    To repeat - You seemed to back up 6’s view by implying such things had happened before in history where one group of people had ‘wiped out’ other groups - Where are the indigenous/aboriginal people that used to inhabit the lands that are now covered by the Netherlands?

    I said that because you don’t seem to be reading the posts (and still don’t)
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    Again you need to read the posts?

    I mean it was 6 that first brought up Islam in the very first post - to quote - Imam Tawhidi is a practicing Muslim

    And it is this Tawhidi that has argued that modern day Muslims want to start a caliphate – to quote from the piece about him - Tawhidi’s radical claims include that Muslims are secretly working to establish an Australian caliphate

    Now remember that 6 likes Tawhidi and seems to agree with the things he says (he calls him - ‘my favorite Muslim reformist’)

    So one presumes 6 agrees with Tawhidi that Muslims want to start caliphates and this would seem to tie in with other things 6 has said.

    Sorry Van but it seems like you are more interested in trying to point score (to quash the european holier-than-thou garbage) rather than in answering questions, addressing criticisms and in putting together a rational and coherent argument.
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    Asmodean - Why assume they got wiped out exactly? And by a foreign force even.

    Van I ask again - are you implying that this is going to happen with present day Muslim migration into Europe and the US that they are going to take over, impose Muslim rule and eventually ‘wipe out’ the culture and people that lived there before them?
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    There is a long tradition of political groups scapegoating or demonising people based on their ethnicity, religion or skin colour to bring about division and attack the anyone that defends such groups as ‘enemies of the people’

    Then you have leftist westerners like you who want to mass import that same illiberal right-wing culture over here. By doing so, will undo centuries of liberal egalitarian accomplishments

    This is a classic example of this tradition – the author has first tried to portray Muslims as wishing to undermine ‘western’ values – he then attacks his political enemies, the ‘leftists’, as traitors that want to help in that undermining.

    If everyone in an immigrant caravan are criminals then those that say differently must be in favour of MS-13 and terrorists.

    If you don’t believe there is a jewish plot to take over the world then you are probably part of the plot.

    And so on and so on.
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    It's this type of hatred which spurs on these types of attacks

    New Zealand police hunt "active shooter" after gunman opens fire at mosque

    WELLINGTON, March 15 (Reuters) - New Zealand police were hunting "an active shooter" in the center of Christchurch city on Friday after a gunman opened fire at a mosque inflicting several casualties.

    A witness told media that a man dressed in a military-style, camouflage outfit, and carrying an automatic rifle had started randomly shooting people in the mosque.

    "Multiple fatalities" in New Zealand shootings - police
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    There are elements on the right that thrives on division and the demonizing of others but the inevitable outcome of disseminating hatred of a group, any group, is acts of violence against those groups.

    The thing is that it seems to me that many on the right don’t care if it ends in violence and are therefore happy to carry on spreading the hate.

  11. Where is the ISIS brides thread?
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    Where is the sensitivity that 49 people were massacred at prayer by a swaggering, deranged Aussie terrorist over Islamophobia? Why did Benton Tarrant go to New Zealand to do this? I'm sure we'll find out lots more now that he's before the court and people are sifting through his 74 page screed, but my guess would be that it's because Australia has such tough gun laws. He also said that it would highlight that no place is safe. What a psychopath! The manifesto credits the Norwegian Anders Breiivik, perpetrator of the 2011 Norwegian terrorist massacre for inspiring him and calls him a Justiciar Knight--a reference to the PCCTS Knights Templar group that Breivik credited with encouraging attacks like his. And he also credits right wing nationalist commentator Candace Owens (perhaps tongue in cheek, since she's African-American). And it goes on with the same kind of "protecting western civilization from engulfment" rhetoric.He even posted on 8 chan “Well lads, it’s time to stop sh*tposting and time to make a real life effort post. I will carry out and attack against the invaders, and will even live stream the attack via facebook.” Various contributors cheered him on, as they watched it unfold thru screenshots. I suppose we'll here now that this is all free speech that must be protected at all costs. Western "civilization", my ass. We have met the barbarians and they are us, armed and dangerous. Muslims make up less than 1.2% of New Zealand's population. Time to reign in this inflammatory nonsense..
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