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    One theory - and the most likely one to me - is that it was carried out by the Estes-Johnson-Carter-Wallace group in conjunction with the CIA. Someone shot from the grassy knoll and hit the President from the front while someone else fired from the sixth floor of the TSBD. I believe one of the shooters was Mac Wallace, who was LBJ's hatchet-man (handled by Cliff Carter), and the other was Oswald, who was CIA. I don't know which fired from where, but I remember reading that Carter told Estes that Wallace was at the grassy knoll.

    Billie Sol Estes was a businessman and big-league con artist who operated in Texas in the 1950's and 60's. With the help of Senator Johnson, he knocked the Department of Agriculture dead for $21 million a year in federal subsidies on his bogus cotton allotments. Henry Marshall was asked to investigate Billie Sol in 1960, and he discovered that he was buying and selling his acres at an unusually fast rate. Marshall recommended to his superiors that regulations be significantly strengthened, and Billie Sol's operations became seriously threatened. So he had A. B. Foster write to Cliff Carter, who met with Lyndon Johnson and contacted Malcolm Wallace... In the following year, Marshall was found dead - bludgeoned on the head and shot five times with a bolt-action rifle. Ruled a suicide.

    After getting reports of Estes borrowing money using nonexistent fertilizer storage tanks as collateral, Billie Sol was arrested by the FBI in 1962 on fraud and conspiracy charges. Lyndon Johnson distanced himself from Billie Sol and had Mac Wallace bump off people who could connect Estes with him. However, it was only a matter of time, as he was also under investigation for giving out military contracts for bribes (Indochina, anyone?) and Johnson needed the Presidency to stay out of jail. Meanwhile, Kennedy had plenty of powerful enemies behind the scenes, from the CIA to Hoffa. So, Johnson worked with the CIA, and had Carter get Wallace to hire people for the job, including Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Loy Factor - a backup shooter. The President was hit twice, the Vice President took the oath, investigations ended into Johnson and eventually into the assassination, and Oswald took the blame.

    I should also add that there is an equally valid theory that there was only a single shooter due to bullet trajectory, but whether there was a second shooter or not, the greater theory of the Vice President's responsibility for the assassination is plausible either way. It's possible that Wallace hired Ruby and Oswald to either have someone to take the heat after Wallace made the shots (he was a stone-cold killer when Oswald was barely in junior high and would have been a more experienced marksman), or to have Oswald make the shots while Wallace took a supporting role.

    That covers the basics of Johnson's involvement, anyways. Anything else can be covered by those who wish to cover it.
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    No planes were used.
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    You are the right track OP. Ignore the people who try to shame you about it.

    Kennedy thought the presidnety meant he was in charge. He told people this including the people who are not elected. The people who earn their high level black ops spots with years of service. The tradition is that these men actuly run things and the belief is that they should because the public is stupid and their politicians including the president change all the time. He was such a hero to the public if he stands up to them and maybe blows a whistle well that would be catastrophic. So they had to kill him. Even today Kennedy is probably one of the top 3 popular presidents ever.

    Nixon bailed out some CIA members out of prison only because they said they would "blow the lid off the Kennedy thing". That alone was enough to have other crimes excused. No doubt it was an American agency that did the killing. There is no one else who had that amount of access to him and his security which was unusually lacking that day. He's the most important man in America and for some reason the Secret Service is told to hang back that day. The doctor who did the autopsy was also goverment chosen and made some odd assumptions. It does not add up.
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  5. bukkakeguy

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    Killer shot fired from storm drain.

    Back & to the left. Back & to the left.
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    lots of people had motive, means and opportunity. anyone who does anything good is going to piss off someone by inconveniencing them.
    whoever and why ever, i don't believe it came from above and behind. simple gun fail is still also a serious and real possibility.
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    I remember having to write a paper on this for sociology class. Cannot remember what I wrote, though.
  8. themnax

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    or from the front passenger seat, from just about ass level. without aim and quite possibly without intention, which is why i suggest gun fail.
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    I recently heard the theory that the "killing" shot to the head was fired by a S.S. guy in the back of the car.
    After the initial shot the car behind Kennedy stops causing a S.S. man to stumble. That's when his gun goes off and kills Kennedy.

    The cover up is to avoid embarrassment to the S.S.

    Most original theory I've heard.
  10. themnax

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    interesting, but still has the bullet traveling in the opposite direction of that revealed by the autopsy.
    which still requires it to have been fired from in front of him.
    same problem with the book depository as firing position.
  11. I've lost count, how many different theories are there to how JFK died? As far as I can tell you could fill a grocery stores aisles with them.
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    yup, and at this late stage its mostly harmless fun to speculate about them.

    (i still insist it couldn't have come from above and behind and that it DID blow the top of his head off,
    and the whole reason were were fed, what was that guy's name, olver something, was that someone
    in the car with him, because he was in government himself, had a nasty little gun fail,
    that included a second bullet that shot himself in the foot with, and people would have lynched him,
    if that ever came out, and you know, people in government have to protect their own.)

    (my appologies if this is unfair and wasn't what happened, but i really haven't seen a more likely account)

    (and yah, even the onion version 'could' have happened)

    also i don't believe ANY shot was fired from that building above and behind,
    and whoever's gun it was, (that was found there) it FAILED the bullet scar matching test.

    and that lee harvey, now i remember his name, was trying to enter the building,
    was because someone was playing keep away with his gun,
    that it had been stollen from the trunk of his car, and someone told him
    it was in the top of that building and that he'd better go get it before he got in trouble for it being there.
    in other words a complete set up to frame him.

    and the gun 'found' there, wasn't actually oswald's anyway, but a brand new one, right off the store shelf,
    that had never even been more then test fired at the factory where it was made, if that.
  13. hotwater

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    Donald Trump said Saturday he intends to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy "subject to the receipt of further information."

    A White House official told reporters Saturday: "The President believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise."

    This could open up an entirely new avenue of research into the assassination

  14. The Walking Dickhead

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    And maybe get Trump shot as well.
  15. hotwater

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    Yeah the powers that be would like to keep those files classified forever and wouldn’t hesitate to knock off a sitting president, after all they did it once before

  16. The Walking Dickhead

    The Walking Dickhead orbiter of helion

    Or alternatively, they're in on it and we'll be fed some classified bullshit to divert public speculation away from CIA involvement?
  17. tikoo

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    Oh no , I wonder if we will be looking at any forged docs ?
  18. hotwater

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    This is certainly interesting


  19. Saul50

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    I never accepted the thesis that a single gunman - Lee Oswald - killed Kennedy. But what puzzles me the most is this: what was Jack Ruby's motive for killing Lee Oswald? The apparent reason Ruby gave publicly (to spare Jackie Kennedy from testifying in court) is ridiculous. Jack Ruby might have even been Kennedy's electorate, but would he be so stupid as to kill Oswald without this one being completely interrogated? Ruby owned a streap-teaser cabaret and these kind of people are very practical to engage in idealistic actions. For me at least Ruby was blackmailed to liquidate Oswald before he could talk more about Kennedy's death.

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