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    Of course if you do hate the Christian deity (pick your version) then you are already in hell, put there by yourself, I think. Unless my understanding of modern Christian religious thought is completely off base, hell is basically anything that isn't heaven. The idea being that you are denied the great privledge of being eternally in His presence, and since you hate Him, that shouldn't bee so bad, really. For that matter, most people are already in hell, since it appears He only give the privelege of being in His presence to those who have given their lives over to Him - a rare act, I'm willing to bet. Not many people I know would be willing to enter into such a pact (for many, that's worse that sacrificing your foreskin, which was how the old deal worked - I guess women didn't get to go to heaven back in the day, eh?), in fact his new deal sounds a lot like something The Other would have come up with (Hmmm... the Jehovas Witnesses have something to say about that, don't they?).

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