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  1. Morningmist

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    the embryo in her womb
    product of love's insinuation
    planned yet unplanned
    talked about but unscripted

    the sickness envelopes her emotionally and physically
    her ligaments stretch like strings on a violin left in the sun

    "where is my glow?" she asks

    woman and man separated
    by a being no larger than a marble
    they reach out their hands to each other
    like waving tendrils but cannot reach

    "where is our love?" they ask

    seasons change as new life springs forth
    the earth births life upon itself

    crying child is placed into new mother's arms
    with a glow upon her face,
    the woman and man look at each other and
    sigh, "ahhh..."
  2. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

  3. KittenX

    KittenX Purrrific

    Speechless! :)
  4. Morningmist

    Morningmist Member

    thanks, it's been awhile since i've written---i appreciate the kind words
  5. littleskinny

    littleskinny Member

    *bravo bravo*

    This was the best piece I've read in a long time. Tender, human, real. "Where is my glow?"...ain't that the truth!! Fantastic write.
  6. from someone with a child on earth and two in heaven...that was beautiful... there are tears in my eye. thank you for writing this and thank you for sharing
  7. Morningmist

    Morningmist Member

    I appreciate your kind words. thanks for the comments

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