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  1. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Ok, supposedly Jagermeister; the semi-thick, sticky, reddish-brown medicinal liqueur, is made from a combination of 56 different German herbs. What the herbs are is a secret.

    What gives? I guess they're afraid of their recipe being ripped off.

    I am curious what the ingredients are. It would also put the ridiculous rumors to rest that Jagermeister contains deer blood and opiates. How stupid.
  2. whispers

    whispers sweet and sour

    no only herbs and spices ......just some of the possible items.........

    Orange peel 50-100 Lemon peel 60-250 Bitter orange peel 2.5-50 Rosemary 0.5-1 Saffron 0.1-0.5 Star anise 3-20 Cinnamon 3-15 Vanilla 0.5-2 Bay leaves 0.5-2 Cardamon 4-20 Nutmeg 3-6 Pimento (allspice) 3-6 Ginger 1.5-12 Cloves 0.6-3 Black pepper 2-24

    check at the bottom of the page in the link for more herbs and spices-

  3. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jagermeister Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  4. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Interesting link there whispers.... :D

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