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Discussion in 'Beat and Hippie Books' started by kayatree, May 8, 2004.

  1. kayatree

    kayatree Member

    "Stare deep into the world before you as if it were the void: innumerable holy ghosts, buddhies, and savior gods there hide, smiling. All the atoms emitting light inside wavehood, there is no peronal separation of any of it. A hummingbird can come into a house and a hawk will not: so rest and be assured. While looking for the light, you may suddenly be devoured by the darkness and fine the true light."

    --The Scripture of the Golden Eternity, Kerouac

    Has anyone else read this book? It's tiny and usually found in the poetry or philosophy sections... it's really amazing.

    with love,
  2. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    I've read almost everything by Kerouac except that one. I'll have to look into getting it one of these days.

  3. i still have yet to read on the road. i just did a project on kerouac and other beatniks...my teacher wasn't too happy about it. we could have done a project on anything that depicted life in the 50's and that's what i chose. i still got my A though. i plan on reading more of kerouac's work after i finish the electric kool-aid acid test...that book is so long, but i love it
  4. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    *Thumbs up to everything Kerouac*

    Need to be getting that book myself ,thanks for the heads up!
  5. kayatree

    kayatree Member

    For sure! Imagine... Kerouac writing sutra. It's a must. :)


    Hey Matt.... so close, yet so far away. ;) luvin' u kid.

  6. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    sounds good, why dont you just type it out to us? :p
  7. i wish i had a lot of money so i could afford books and paint. instead i'll be relying on your quotes to inspire me for i love kerouac.
  8. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

  9. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    kewl link, a little repititive though.
  10. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    "Hit the Road Jack and dont yeh come back no more no more no more no more..hit the road Jack and dont yeh come back no more!..."

    I was just Wondering was that song in any way related to kerouac?..certainly sounds like it!.
  11. schmokes

    schmokes Member

    i've been interested in picking up some of his books since i saw a poster in my english class last year, so i finally picked up two of his books saturday at the library. right now im reading Tristessa...reminds me a lot of william s. burroughs, but a little bit harder to read. i like it though, some really good imagery and he has some really thought-provoking views. almost done, only about 96 pages total, then im reading Big Sur. anyone else read his books or have any thoughts on him?
  12. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I read a whole lot of Jack.

    On the Road and The Dharma Bums are by far the best introductory books to Kerouac, and are his best (together with Big Sur), the rest of his books are too repetetive in theme, or just make little to no sense unless you actually have experienced the location before (such as "The Subterrenians").
  13. royharper

    royharper Member

    after reading on the road, i decided to give up on kerouac. i thought that was the most inane book i'd ever encountered.

    no plot or sentence variety. however, i will give it props because of the social context.
  14. duckandmiss

    duckandmiss Pastafarian

    I loved on the road and Dharma bums, I'd say yes it could be seen as no plot, but he writes very true to life, nd my life really doesnt seem to have a plot. Maybe it has little stories but its just a bunch of small stories intertwined into what is my life. I feel the same way about his books, and I love it. I love traveling and meeting random people then meeting up with my old friends, the stories are about those same things and therefore intrest me.
    Im still working on Desolation Angels now, good so far, the first half gets weird and I'd have to talk to someone about it, but so far so good.
  15. staples420

    staples420 Member

    I agree completely. I absolutely loved On the Road and The Dharma Bums, but I found many of his other books to be very repetitive and not nearly as interesting. Nonetheless, Kerouac is still one of my favorite authors. I'd also reccomend reading Orpheus Emerged, another of my favorites.
  16. Kerouac books rock. I deffinitely agree about it being cool to walk around the locations. Its cool going into downtown denver and going to places that kerouac mentions. That is awesome. I thought Dharma Bums was the best book. I also like Lonesome Traveller, Big Sur, On the Road, Pic, Dr. Sax. and The Subterranians

    Mexico City Blues was alright
    Some of the Dharma is cool if you are interested in Bhuddism
    I couldn't really get into Old Angel Midnight
    Desolation Angels and Visions of Cody were a little hard to read.
    I didn;t like The Town and the City much, but it was his first book.

    I have not yet read Visions of Gerard, Satori in paris, Tristessa or maggie cassady, but I intend to
  17. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I've read On the road and The dharma bums, and Maggie Cassidy is on my 'to read' list.

    I chose Casey's middle name in honour of Kerouac, an obscue tribute perhaps.
  18. waterlily

    waterlily Guest

    I've only read the Dharma Bums, it is amongst my favourite books now. I want to read On the Road too but I am a lazy reader, it will take me months to get around to.
  19. Jaz Delorean

    Jaz Delorean Senior Member

    On the road is one of my favourite books of all time - although, as mentioned (hehe) there are two different opinions on it:
    one is, that its an amazing book and it's exciting and one big adventure etc etc...
    the other one is, that it's boring, and nothing happens at all...
    you really have to read it to find out, it is amazing though!!! rock on jack!!
    in fact, it affected me and my best buddy so much, that we call eachother Dean and Sal after the two main characters in the book!
  20. Sal Paradise

    Sal Paradise Member

    Now. Jack keroac is an habsolute king, and I want you to know that I hold him in the esteem reserved for people like Thomas Aquinas and Newton. He knows how to play a sentence like a concert pianist, and me and my best buddy are so awestruck by the fantastic complicatability and delorableness of his wonder that we call each ther Dean and Sal, I am Sal, and it is weird sometimes how like him I am .. anyway, On The Road was seriously one of the best books ever, and since I dont have a tv, I read ALLLL the time, and Ive read a lot of books, On The Road being pretty much at the top. Actually, it is the top. Save, of course, the Bible, surely the coolest book of all time. I think life i most portrayed in this book because of the overall feeling of elation one feels when they read the book, but also with the beautiful way in which music and life is described. Humilty and purity, coupled with dangerous obscenity and craziness, and i dont know why the hell Im even trying to explain it, because I sound like a cocky poo. well..
    got to go, but I really think everyone in the world should read it ... in the way that it educates and inspires. I love reading , and Jack kerouac rocks so much that I really really want to tell him, but thts impossible, mores the pity... heheheee
    he's brilliant.


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