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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Jetblack, May 26, 2004.

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    well i did it, its now 130 am and i can finally say im baseline and back to earth, my experince with 2c-i was very intense, it was a mental and spiritual awakening in some cases, it made me think about some stuff i normally wouldnt, one of the MAJOR highlights of my trip was, i saw a hallucination of a floating face of god wearing the crown of thorns, i also saw the devil or some sort of demon chained to a sign which i believe is the anarchy sign. i am really tired rite now so if u want the full story or any other details pm me and i will be glad to tell u all about it my aim is jetblack182, also thx to sweeperofdreams who decided to sepnd 3 hours of his lfie talking with a tripping fool :) thx!!
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    It was my pleasure dude, I wish I could have been there throughout the entire trip!
    Wow... now I gotta get me some 2C-I....
    That sounded awesome.
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    Glad you had a nice awakening :p

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