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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Duncan, May 8, 2004.

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    I've been a little under-the-weather lately. Mostly emotionally caused due to the fact that my home college (where I have been taking all of my pre-reqiusite courses) has not accepted me for its nursing program.
    I now have to branch out and apply to places I really don't want to go to simply because I have to look at other options.
    What pisses me off most about this is the fact that I'm told that there is a shortage of nurses and the colleges are not up to meeting the need.
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    Damn Duncan, I'm sorry to hear that. Did they give any indication as to why? Can you re-apply?

    There is a shortage of nurses. Just ask any nurse who works a hospital unit. Heavy patient loads, scheduling nightmares. My wife keeps getting calls from her unit manager asking her to work another eight hour shift after doing three straight. She doesn't return the call. They can't keep enough staff. And that's at one of the best hosptials in the region.

    Hope things turn your way soon.
  3. Did you recieve a response saying your on a wait list or did you recieve a response saying that you are not accepted to the program???

    Some college's have a second chance policy where you can request the college/university to review your application.

    How did you do on the entrance test?? because its not so much on how many points you score or what grade you get, but more about expressing yourself.
    and writing about your greatist insperation.

    frankly marking entrance tests is more of an art then a by the book procedure.

    Well its up too you if you want to go to the other college you don't want to go to, because chances are, if you wait a year an apply next year the college you want to go to will notice you applied last year and say this person has alot of intrest for this program.

    Thats what i did i was on a wait list last year, i later found out that there was 500 applications to my program and they only have 50 spaces available, I was somewhere around the cut off.

    I applied again this year and i got in.

    Duncan call the college and see what they say, ask if you can have your application reviewed again or ask how many applicants applied this year, how many space are available and where you stand among those applicants.
  4. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    That sucks. Don't give up though, maybe if you go to a different school you will have way more fun there than you would have at the one you originally wanted to go to.

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