I've been thinking of becoming a vegetarian

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by annabegins, Aug 21, 2005.

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    and I've already gave up poultry, because of the horrible ways they kill them. I just cant eat it any more. We had a lawsuit in my town cus they were treating them very badly in a torturous way. I want to give up meat, but i love steak and i love porkchops, and i make great spagetti and meatballs. I dont really like soy that much. the only veggies i like are corn, salad, and spinnach. I really want to try giving up meat, but i feel like i'll be missing out on the hamburgers and steak and etc. But I feel bad for the animals. I've been to peta's website, and everything, but it just tastes so damn good. I cant think that a soy burger will be as good. do you miss the meat? what do you subsitute? and So, I would be low on protein, i hate peanuts, i hate beans, I'm sure that if i get creative, i could like soy, right? and would i need to take vitamins because i wouldnt be getting enough b12.
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    do you really think pigs have better lives than the chickens?
    look at what you eat in a day. write it down for acouple weeks or so.
    Do you eat fruit? salads? tomato on your burger? carrots and cabbage in slaws? If you have a child, you need to learn to make and serve nutritious food, omni or veg.
    Leave out the meatballs on spag. add sauteed veggies. Don't worry it will taste like your sauce (add lots of onion and garlic) Or use Gimme Lean's mock beef. It comes in a plastic tube like sausage of cheap hamburger ground.
    focus on adding veggies first before dropping meats.
    Drop meats one at a time OR one meal at a time.
    Maybe lunch or breakfast first then dinner (often a comfort food time.)
    Pick a day to serve no meat.
    explore ethnic cusines: Thai, Indian, Chinese, some Mexican. I have been veg 23 years I've lived in Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Littlehampton (small burg on the English south cost), Cuidad Juarez and environs, travelled and stayed in Arkansas, all while being veg. It is possible.

    There is a world of great tastes waiting for you to discover!
    I think this is out of print, but check out Tassajara Cooking
    I heard rumors it was getting an update a few years ago. It is a fab book for newbies. No preaching the poor widdle animals, no diatribes about ethics of farming or gory abbatoir scenes, or goofy rescue of smart, loving turkeys, just veggies, simple and slightly adorned.
    cookbook among cookbooks.
    After that, hit the library for Moosewood books (fish included).

    Here's a challange for you:
    go one meal without meat and with a new veggie.
    Maybe sweet potatoes, maybe garbanzo beans...pick something.
    report back.
    I'll bet you'll find something you will love.
    Then, get afood mill so you can feed that sweetie you own great food and not sugared jars!
    (tip from a granola mom: don't feed fruits first as this can set up a sweet tooth.
    Feed veggies first, after BROWN rice.)
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    Make dishes with TVP (all the things you love about meat without the killing of the animals) which can be substituted for anything calling for hamburger like spaghetti, hamburger helper, tacos, or sloppy joes. You can also try tofu (fry it up in tamari and olive oil) and my favorite -- Tempeh...if you fry it olive oil and tamari and sprinkle it with Nutritional Yeast Flakes, it tastes just like bacon -- but better! Use it in "BLT" sandwiches instead of pork.
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    When you say you don't like soy, are you referring to tofu, or have you tried the meat substitutes that are out there? Start by going to Red Robin and ordering any burger (without bacon) and substituting a Boca patty for the beef. Red Robin's Boca patty is unfortunately not Vegan, but it is vegetarian, and it rocks.

    You can get beef-like veggie burgers by Boca and Gardenburger. Gardenburger's Riblets are wonderful, and so are their sausage patties. Yves Good Burger is excellent as taco meat or in pasta sauce. Nates meatless meatballs are so "meaty" that I've had omni friends think they were eating meat. Litelife makes a smoked tempeh product called Fakin' that is an excellent substitute for bacon.

    Tofu is an acquired taste. Try starting with baked tofu products. Baked tofu has a completely different texture than regular tofu, and it has been marinated heavily. It is available in a variety of flavors. Tofu to Go is also really good. It's tofu that has been pre-cooked in marinade and comes with sauce. I use it in place of fish in a lot of dishes.

    There are tons of products that you can use to transition to being veg. A big thing to keep in mind is to keep trying things. You might not like broccoli today, but you will most likely acquire a taste for it if you try it four or five times in a variety of different settings (cream of broccoli soup, in stir fry, in a casserole, steamed with lemon and dill, tempura fried).

    In my opinion, no animal is treated more cruelly in the factory farm system than pigs. Pigs are highly intelligent animals, and they are kept in pens that are so narrow that they cannot turn around. Sows are kept prone in farrowing crates that prevent them from even getting to their feet. They will most likely not see the natural light of day until the day they are crammed into trucks to be hauled to slaughter. So you've given up poultry. Why not give up pork next? Then you can give up beef, then fish.
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    it takes time and dedication. if that doesn't work watch peta's "meet your meat" of your determined, but are struggling.

    research and remember the heath benefits. my body didn't tolerate meat (like a food allergy) and it was a choice to take back my life... it also gives life to others now.
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    Try Gardenburger's Meatless Riblets and all of your qualms with fake meats will be gone.
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    morning star buffalo spiced nuggets or their tomatoe, basil pizza burgers. very yum, even my non-veg friends.

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