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  1. lovebird

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    I'm trying to look for the right birth control does anyone know anything about iuds?
  2. jane a

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    you should have already had a kid before you get one. it hurts like a bitch and made me bleed for three months, with only about four days per month normal. I had it taken out after the three months because it just did not seem worth it to try and wait. Also, my boyfriend could feel the string and kept saying 'ow' when we had sex. not very cool at all. I have heard from women who have had kids that they dont have any problems at all. Hope this helped.
  3. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

  4. String? Is that what that is? Felt more like a knitting needle to me. I used to date a woman who had an IUD, and I smacked it during sex all the time. Hurt like hell. Apparently didn't feel too good to her, either.
  5. Alanna

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    Well, if you're planning a permanent birth control method, then this is good for that reason.
    But I've heard...only for that reason.
  6. Sadie Lady

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    I've had a paragaurd IUD. In fact, I still have it. I just never bothered to get it yanked after my husband died. I would imagine you'd have a hard time getting an IUD for two reasons: your age and the fact that you don't have children. You age would come into play because most doctors want you to be in a monogamous relationship if you are getting an IUD because of the increased risk of contracting STDs that can lead to PID, which can lead to you being sterile. Your not having children comes into play because of the increased risk of becoming sterile that I mentioned in the previous sentence.

    All that said, I liked mine when I was sexually active. It was the most no muss, no fuss birth control I've ever used. All you have to do is check the strings when you finish your period. That's it. It does hurt like a bitch when you have it inserted, though.
  7. OMG!!! I'm seeing the gyno this monday to talk about this and never on the website did I see it makes sex painful. Is that everyone or maybe a small few???? It worries me on fertility too being as me and my partner want children (we're not financially stable right now... at all, so not until we get married which will happen but not while we're flat out broke) but bad sex is BAD SEX! I love sex!!!!! We love sex. and I did follow that link and nothing about the sex. Where can I find more info???

    This was such a good idea because when we move and I get out of college for a year I go off my dads insurance which means noooo birth control. And ever try going without a condom and going back, well it's not gonna happen. But fuck bad sex and no babies either!!!!! damnit!!!! someone help me out. I don't entirely trust doctors to know everything or tell me everything (god forbid they're getting paid by the people trying to get this off the shelves) so I want to know everything I can about this before I go in so I go in with notes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. I think my birth control pills are hurting me. I never had pms til I went on first the patch and then seasonal but now I'm a knarly bitch a day or two out of the month and I want that to stop!!!

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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