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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Logan 5, May 23, 2017.

  1. Logan 5

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    I;ve read the posts by folk where they ask "what should I do?", "Where should I go?", and the like. When, my lecture is....
    get off your ass and just do it!

    I had the problem for years, decades even. Letting other people get in my way. Well, no more. Last week I earned my high school diploma. I am 47 years old, and I earned it. Work with me or get the hell out of my way.

    Next, associates degree. I have a doctorate, but it's an honorary gig. if anything.

    So my suggestion is...
    GET OFF YOUR ASS and just get it done! Screw society, they aren't here for you, they don't care. So quit caring for them and quit letting them run your life.
    And start. Not anything specific, just start something. Be patient, because the truth will come out and you can set your heading them.
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  2. So if you say "Screw Society" then why did you bother getting your h.s. diploma?

    Since, was it not the societal norms and standards, its preferences and standards, that prompted you to get your diploma in the first place?

    It's dangerous advice to tell people, especially younger ones, to "screw society." Since, like it or not the vast majority of them--including you, btw--have to live in society and abide by its rules. Having a good job, btw, is part of society. School is part of society. Even if you own your own business--as I do--you are a part of society and need to depend upon it most of the time.

    And, you're also wrong when you say "it's not here for you."

    Actually, it is. Government programs/health care/ all those things our taxes go to. Law enforcement/first responders/teachers/JOBS! All parts of society that help us. That helped you.

    You sound as if you all of a sudden got egotistical just because you got a diploma that most of us get when we're only 18. Don't get me wrong, congrats on that.But you need to lighten up and not give advice like this when you really havent achieved anything remarkable. To me, only people who have done that are qualified to give advice to others.

    I am a college grad. A former Navy officer. A small business co-owner. And I know full well that one cannot just say "screw society." NOt unless they're independently wealthy and want to live as a recluse. I also wouldn't give advice on life choices unless asked. I don't feel it's my place. In other words, I try to keep my ego in check. ANd also appreciate the world I live in. Including this country that I fought for. This society.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    I understand what you're saying. Please understand the predicament I was in- relating to a serious health issue I had, I was not able to complete high school at the normal age. Long story that I care not to get into the details over, but over the decades I wanted my HS diploma. Everyone said "GED is good enough!" when it's not.

    So I went against the norms and found a legitimate public high school that worked with me on getting my diploma.

    Am I arrogant? If you know the whole story, you'd understand. So kindly accept my word as gospel when I say "yeah, but."
  4. drumminmama

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    Mazel tov, Logan!

    I parlayed my GED into a BA Journalism, and when that career, and my preferred niche within it, slipped away, I earned a professional license in massage therapy.

    I get a kick out of saying I'm a high school drop out with a degree.

    To anyone who is being told that settling will do, look to their motivation.
    Are they fearful? Are they simply OK with less?

    Go and make your life, not someone else's. Build the safety net, but learn to fly.
  5. themnax

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    and don't get so hung up on what someone else has or does to forget its not the little green pieces of paper that are unhappy.

    everything is useful to know that your mind has a creative use for.
    if anything else is, i guess that kind of depends on how you define useful.

    the kind of world everyone else has to live in matters,
    because you have to live in it tu,
    but the only thing impressing anyone is good for is getting layed,
    if that.
  6. Steveh

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    I call these the "shoulds". "Shoulds" are all the things that people say you should do. graduate, get a job, get married. They all belong to other people. Discover your own 'should'.

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