It's so dangerous working in the grocery store's bakery

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Sunburst, May 24, 2004.

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    I cut my thumb really bad 2 weeks ago on a foot-long serated knife, i burned my thumb last week on the oven, today I papercut my finger on a cookie label and then later on a cookie package. I really shouldn't work around hot or sharp things....
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    but you get free yummies though dontcha
  3. Caitlin

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    or paper things :D
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    i worked in a grocery store's bakery for 9 months. i quit 2 months ago. it was the worst job i've ever had.. it was the hardest, most laborious job... it was INSANE how much was expected of me in the alloted amount of time. i couldn't take it anymore. they didn't train me properly so I had a bunch of injuries on the job (i cut my fingers so many times on the bread slicer, burned my hands on oven and packaging machine, i was cleaning one time and didn't realize the hazards of the product and ended up passing out from bad ventilation), and in addition i have long-term problems now. on the job, there was so much heavy lifting involved, and i'm not exactly the strongest or biggest person.. so i ended up putting out 3 ribs, my neck, and my back on the job. i now have to go to the chiropractor every week or 2.. ugh. i HATED that job more than anything. every day i had a shift i wanted to cry before going.. i'm so glad i'm done with that!
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    I work in a coffeeshop/cafe. So I'm always around one hot thing or another. I've burned myself on coffee only a few times luckily, although once was pretty bad. I cut myself on a knife opening a bag of turkey (the only vegetarian working gets to make all the food, yay... or something). My boss took me to the emergency room for that. I was opening it with a knife (I should have used scissors, but who cares). The knife slipped and cut my thumb about half an inch deep and my pointer finger considerably deeper, I could almost see the bone, and probably could if i pulled the cut apart. Now it's the only scar I have. I've never burned myself on the oven, but a co-worker did and it became a canyon. It was bizarre, the skin like melted out of it.

    Anyhow, I don't mind my job, and I don't hurt myself half as much as the rest of the people.

    We were trained great though, we had a really close training team, and i worked there since the shop opened, so I don't know that the newer employees had as much training, but I'm sure the reason we hurt ourselves so little is the training.
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    I know how it feels. I worked in a fishmonger in a market for 4 months. I was working 8:30-5:30 every saturday, which meant I dreaded the weekend instead of everyone else in school looking forward to it. I had to where a shirt, tie, overalls, and an apron which got very got sometimes. The staff were all losers who could do nothing else and did not train them properly, they would just wait for me to do something wrong and then put me right. One of my supervisers in particular was mean, he would insult my inteligence when I didnt understand what to do, when I hadn't actually been given anything to do they would have a go at me. And some of the customers were terrible too, impaitent, and twice I was asked for live lobster, which I had to put my hand in a tank full of them and grab it while it flapped in my hands, I hated handling them.

    It was a blanket of depression every saturday morning when I woke up.

    I felt so good when I quit.

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