It's party time! Yay!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HerbuhLovuh, May 15, 2004.

  1. Let us go as one and get shit faced!
    be there one amongst us who may decline! Make them think theirself depressed, so then their sprit will shine! That's right! The whores will fuck, the men will get pumped, and YEA! Oh ya!!!! It feels so fucking fine to be alive to be a time warp to be a missing illusion a reality confusion a distorted protrusion rejecting myself every time!
    And oh yea! I love the party! And oh yea! I am one hell of a flurry! And oh yea! What the hell? What's he on!!?!! He's not one of us, we'll have to go mow his lawn!!!!!
    But I am too shit faced to talk back to you, and I am too dreary to do anything but pretend I am not you.
    So what are you on?
    I got something for you.
    So why the hell do you keep munching my lawn?
    It feels good I guess I am for you.

    But fuck all that!
    I am no fucking alcohol drinker.
    And yes fuck that.
    I am no smoker.
    I am no religious freak
    And breathe in some of that
    I am a dead-end focus,
    an eater of dead meat,
    a consumer of poisonous water,
    a licker of horrible rotten
    things I say
    hey, what's the matter?

    did you just fuck my daughter?
    did you, are you the one, whose responsible for my broken back?
    why don't my bones work?
    and why did my 30yo friend nearly die of a heart attack?

    why is everyone dieing of cancer
    how come you seem so untouched
    reeking off of you like oxen musk?

    and give me some fake mustard
    and give me some red sky
    let me slice up my arms
    and piss all over the sky

    but I love you
    so I said it
    now come on
    fucking tear my mind in to pieces
    I am already there, I have already had it.

    But I do love you
    and for some fucking reason I continue to push on
    and I do love you
    and I have the secret and it's this: please stop shitting on my lawn!

    luv ya bye
    luv ya hi!
    I am the lie-cycle
    I am the flow
    I am a runner
    I am on the go
    my name is joe
    my name is bob
    my name is sammy
    hey man I need a job
    where they can rape my mind freely while telling me I am the best
    where they can make me feel sleezy
    and tell me I am worthy to rest
  2. herbey, you're such a goon.
  3. kiss my ass you retarded drunken evil bitch

  4. stoner

    stoner Member

    I don't want to :p
  5. Damnnnn
  6. Death

    Death Grim Reaper

    theres nothing you can do about it
    reading cryptic ass posts
    foop diddlywop scallions and salads
    look im a jolly rancher key

    (sarcasm towards herbuh)
  7. the clear way didnt do it
  8. eh winier?
    pull your middle fingers a start

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