It's Official...back Together With My Ex

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by neoprene_queen, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Which I guess makes her my current, so the thread title is obsolete. But pretty much since we split we've been working to getting back to where we were. So this has been a long time coming, so this is great, but I'm also weary and I don't want to be weary. As recently as five months ago I was still mad and heartbroken and hurt. I'm sure some time of being a couple again and things going good between us will alleviate me of that weariness.

    So, I'm happy! I'm excited! I'm still in love! But I'm treading lightly. And I don't want to do that.

    I'm rambling. Sorry. There are only two people on here who are going to see this anyway...
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    Good for you :). What changed the situation and allowed you two to get back together? Why did the relationship end to begin with?
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    Basically we split up a few years back because we were in a situation where one of us would have to make a sacrifice in terms of our career, and neither of us wanted to do it.

    We were both living on the East Coast at the time and I had my dream job and she was offered her dream job in LA so we just went separate ways. I don't know. Maybe when you're younger it's typical to put career before love. Anyway, my job was funded by a grant because some state senator thought what we were doing was worthy but then he died. None of his colleagues saw merit in what we were doing and pulled funding and I was out of a job like that.

    Anyway, last January I loved out here for a couple different reasons, one of which to see if we couldn't rekindle what we lost. We were friends again for a while, then we were dating and now we're a couple again!

    And I totally see why she blew off New Hampshire for this place.
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    Well congrats

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