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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by eydis, May 9, 2007.

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    0 the 3rd word, did you know how much they are into this materialistic thinking and wanting..... the latest mobile, jeans, cars... and because this is new to them (they havent seen the negative effect of yet) and because many of their goverments are less democratic than ours, they are not so well informed, they actually DONT KNOW about the whole environmental problemes and they dont care!!!
    one example:
    Been to some islands in asia, where the population have become SO FAT(they werent 10-15 yrs ago)!, especially the small kids: because of tourism, there is a huge amount of cash inflow -or easy money-, they have NEVER experienced so much money before in the history of their tribe/village.
    They eat cookies, chips, junk food, drink cokes, beer and whisky, eats loads of meat and chicken (because they can afford it) the kids play video games all day, and they have, most of them, stopped with manual work, they all run resort for tourists. Before the used to be fishermen and do some farming in the inland, they used to eat fish with rice and veg and fruits.
    But even in india, in the cities, its all bad, and that's not really the impact of tourism....... its funny, in the west we are actually more into nature, environment etc..... they have become very alienated. I mean, it is mostly the fault of the west, introducing this lifestyle, BUT! they say yes to it with opened arms.... and they fucking love it. I used to think about the bad bad west and the poor poor east /south, but i do have to say that it's not black and white anymore. people are so hooked on money and greed, and in the end it is your personal CHOICE.
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    People are the same all over. We all have different situations but it is human nature to take the easy road and in this case the easy road leads to global destruction. I think we're doomed, the very tine little bit of us that do care and consciously do some little things about it are far too little too late. Our western governments spent more than 10 times the amount funding fossil fuel projects than renewable clean energy. We just don't give a shit, look at these forums, compare the number of posts in the environment forums VS the religious forums. People would rather spend ten times more energy debating if there's a God watching us kill this planet and if he's going to let us in paradise after we've all helped destroy this world. The posters in these forums are mostly all from rich developed countries. I'm sure the next heat wave that kills a million people in some country like India will barely make the 10 O'clock news as filler before the “top 5 healthiest desert toppings” catch story.
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    well maybe in America we have no news of France but a couple year ago 10,000 people die in France because of heatwave. North American news lift up rug and sweep it under carpet everywhere else big news plenty of time

    Is a big poopy that people are like you say but we must be good and kind and throw out the bums in charge of all things like the big bastard GW Bush who noone know what GW stand for but I know. It mean Greatbigfatbastardfuckinyankeecunt withnobrain

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