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Discussion in 'New Age' started by YEH SO LAMB LIONO, Jul 24, 2013.

    when creating your first settlement of like+minded, edecent, saw-ted?(die bear!!!) clever and more and most
    importantly respectively able and READY people to help society progress, you first must bear in mind where you live.
    that is why i am currently in a godlike struggliddipy-poo about where I Am (including the first and foremost thing
    that pops into some peoples minds about the apparent 'Dogma' - alanis morrisette inspired sabbatical holiday that
    god has been on since the black plague./what about renaissance? cinderella and the glass houses of victorian inner
    city poverty and homelessness in the mid to late 20th Century? is it still the 20th century?!?!? apparently that
    ended two years after I was born, i've been hooked on it since I first read the news on my dads lap or get confused
    when reading tv's roman numerals (uk citizen ;) )you see, i have been vacant, moved, altered physically in warfare
    and recreation equally, wrestled titans bears cossacks, seen and experienced gay rape and horror - which is on the
    loose as I speak... I have been testimony to warfare only would experience in some sort of mental
    relapse repeated to them in ritual to make them feel very very frightened???wtf??? i seriously ask myself?!!!??
    and of all this, everyone has been my fried friend, ready to serve as right hand tissue and left hand porn mag holder
    (not literally, they've all been males, a frightening in itself rendition is neither requested or open for discussion,
    although you may hear of my cohorts tales relating/dismissing/honouring/fumigating tat belittling that would otherwise
    let you see my behaviour as somewhat coarser then I my-me shall halve you believe hehehe :)
    but back to the settlement - its GREAT!!!! so there's the occassional nuance of who's who and when's when for the
    people who've never left to squander, sure there's been left one solution to any bad seldom seen kid and thats to
    kick him into see his family right before they're shown the inside of a neptune (a type of oven - they may put it
    on >telepathy through pate< or nuance of visiting what is essentially a "house of ill reput'"

    so when i found this particular part of what is NOT a new website forum for me, i thought, i'll tell about what i've been through in more ways then one, i'm just going to say i can't stay long and too be honest I had to find this palace of culture to start putting more than one aspect of myself down, and I hope I Visit Soon :afro:

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