it worked and then it didn't

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by porkstock41, Aug 24, 2005.

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    i've only done acid about 5 times. on saturday i got 2 10 strips off this guy. a whole bunch of us each ate one at like 5:00 and tripped really good. at about 9 or 10 we all ate one more and kept tripping really good. the next morning i only had a hit and a half left. i ate the half just to see what it would do, and nothing. then yesterday (tuesday) i ate the other hit and again, nothing. i was by myself if that could have made a difference. i had it stored in a cool dark place. i dunno, i was just wondering why it may not have worked. could it be tolerance? thanks for any input.
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    one builds up a tolerance to lsd fast when it is used daily. i believe it has somthing to do with depleting serotonin levels, but i may be mistaken.
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    My friend did 1 blotter on some occasion, tripped...tried 2 of the same blotter , 2 days later, and only got threshold effect...

    tolerance...hum...builds so fast with lsd...some kind of defense, showing it is absolutely not made to abuse!. With great power comes great responsability.
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    im from Virginia Beach, virginia, and i have been looking for acid now for about a year, and have had no success in doing so. everyone around here seems to bullshit. I know my shit, i know more about acid then the guy that invented it. i do my homework, but i never am able to get my hands on it. Someone please tell me where i can get it around here. you would be a life saver!

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