It was 75 years ago today, that Doctor Hoffman taught the mind to play...

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    Dr. Albert Hoffman
    Today is Bicycle Day in Basel, Switzerland. It's a celebration of 75 years since the discovery in Basel by Albert Hoffman of LSD. His legendary bicycle ride thru the city, as the first human to experience an LSD, trip opened the door to new ways of perceiving reality.

    Rather than hide its connection to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Dr. Hoffman, the city highlights the link. The Sandoz company, which employed Dr. Hoffman to research new drugs, has now become Novartis, a pharmaceutical giant.

    The discovery led to research into the human mind's potential by such diverse people as Dr. Stanislaw Grof (Czech psychiatrist in the 50s and my professor in College!), Timothy Leary, Ram Dass (Richard Albert), Aldous Huxley, the Beatles, and the CIA.

    It influenced artists, musicians, students, writers, tech geniuses (would they be geniuses without LSD?) It has enabled mind-bending breakthrus in fields like physics, communications and computing.

    And now many are realizing it's medicine and can help many with psychological problems under the right supervision and conditions. But it's certainly not a party drug, as many assume, esp. in large doses. Like other drugs it can exacerbate underlying psychological conditions.

    I haven't dropped acid since the seventies. The changes it made are profound, long-lasting and life-changing. It's an experience that imprints itself on your psyche that you can never forget.

    Basel in the spotlight: the city that learned to love LSD
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    way off-topic, sorry!
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    Sorry Wils, but your response is kind of off-topic. What are you going on about? This is a celebration thread for the discovery of LSD, decidedly not about opiates or about surgical procedures! :)
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    LSD brings unique perspectives to thought. Not for everyone, that is certain, however there are benefits to its use in controlled settings.

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    The discovery of LSD is up there with the discoveries of the atom, penicillin, and radio waves in that it opened up an entirely new world to modern science and mainstream society. However, for me, LSD is no different in that regard than any number of other discoveries but, certainly, its a lot more personal than most discoveries. Roger Penrose's theory of quantum mechanics in the brain has received its first two experimental confirmations, meaning, modern science is now poised to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, taking measurements and photographs the entire way. Where the personal and objective meet in Wonderland, a tornado carries you away to somewhere over the rainbow.

    Trust me, a lot of academics are not going to enjoy the trip! They could use all the help they can get if you ask me, due to their stunted senses of humor.
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  8. Albert Hoffman tribute by Alex Gray

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    Every year I honor this day. This year a few 175 ug blotters and a walk in the woods.
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