It has begun! an Ausie girls journey to dreads!

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by KEU13, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. KEU13

    KEU13 Member

    My hair is sectioned and braided so i can twist and rip dread at my leisure.
    i have 30 braids but am splitting some of them as i really want thin dreads, mostly just splitting a few at the front and leaving the back ones a little thicker.

    here are some pics of my first ever dread :D

    I have split this braid in 2 and am going to dread the second half right now so i can see how they co exist!! haha so stoked!!!!
  2. KEU13

    KEU13 Member

    crud i have posted this in the wrong spot. I'm going to put a new post in the dreadlocks forum, please delete this one if one needs to be deleted. i can't work out how to delete it myself... sorry all :D
  3. Brokenandbent

    Brokenandbent Members

    Sexiest hair on earth. Love a girl with dreads. Good on you

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