It finally happened and was not as bad as i thought

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by yukmouth, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. yukmouth

    yukmouth Member

    finally got caught today , smoking in my garage with friends when my step dad walks in of course i talk him outta the room , then leave , unfortanatly the garage was smelling like weed all day so i was caught , even tho my mom just told me not to do hard drugs and that smoking is bad for your health she really didnt even talk shit about the weed as i told her it was only a half a joint i smoked , she said not to do it again but i will have to becareful , maybe sumtime i will be able to convince her to let me smoke at home considering how easy this all went o and the olny problem was the garage no circulation at all even with the doors open otherwise i woulda been fine damn , just my 2 cents , peace
  2. forest_pixie84

    forest_pixie84 Senior Member

    oh wow, that sucks. Well good luck getting your moms to give you the o.k., I tried that and my parents sent me to rehab.:rolleyes:
  3. sacrament32

    sacrament32 Member

    my parents didnt care that much cept for the fact they took 110 dollars of my weed fund

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