It feels so good, yet it scares me!!!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by ZePpeLinA, Jun 1, 2004.

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    have you ever felt loved by someone? I havent.until now.
    i've met someone who makes me feel so special, like there's only the two of us and no-one else.

    we havent been together for long, but it feels like we know each other so well. I feel happy when I'm with him, he's so warm and tender.

    i find it so incredible to feel this way, i always wanted this; someone who'd love me for who I am, who takes care of me, makes me feel so wanted and happy.

    I just like to look deep into his eyes and he'd give me the biggest smile and make it all's so fast that scares me, it feels like a dream that I want to last forever.

    he knows this is the first time in my life I'm feeling like this and I told him it scares me, that we should take it slow, and i cant help to have these stupid ideas, insecurity and keep wondering, why me? what does this amazing bloke see in me?

    he said he'd never hurt me. i want to believe, but i just cant forget the pain from past experiences. it's making my head in a bit, i dont want to spoilt this beautiful feeling ...

    anyone gone through a similar experience?:eek:
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    Nine times outta ten nobody intends to hurt the other person in a relationship. It just kinda happens once intimacy and emotions are the name of the day. Having said that, don't be governed by fear. If it's good, then enjoy it while it lasts.
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    the point is, it is so beautiful while it lasts (and if it lasts for ever, get married!!!) take one day at a time, and treasure them all. be as open as you can, keep up comunication, and enjoy yourself!!!! am really happy for you :)
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    I'm going through the same thing, but obviously from the oppose view... I look into her eyes and smile, and she smiles, and my day is made. I take everyday as it comes and i'd advise you to do the same. Tommorow, think as if you'd never see him again, and treat him as such. Love him as you would like to be loved... wish you all the best.
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    In my experience, I've seen that it often would have been helpful for people I've known to not make their SO's their whole life. Enjoy it, and of coarse we all hope that it will last forever for you two, but things can go wrong and just make sure you have a life outside of him. That way, if things go wrong you have something to occupy your mind and your soul. A career or hobby or just good friends is what I'm saying. Knowing that you are solid and confident as an individual should take a lot of the "what if he does hurt me" kind of fear out of your head, hopefully. I know that would have been helpful in my experiences.
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    I have been there, and that is how it feels with my current boyfriend. We've been together for almost 17 months now. He's my lover and my best friend, and I feel all of these things when I am with him.

    What I've learned is to not let fear run me, and don't let it do the same to you. It sounds like you have a really great thing going for you, and you don't want to ruin that happiness with paranoia and anxiety that something could go wrong.

    I think it's a great idea to take things slow, like you said. Just let things run their course, and you'll be able to further understand.. well, just where the two of you stand!

    ENJOY IT. I'm sorry to hear you've been hurt in the past, but that doesn't mean that this time will be like all the others. Don't complicate things, you know? :)

    I hope this helped some! <3 -Eryn

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