it doesnt show our sex

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by We_All_Shine_On, May 9, 2004.

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  1. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    I can no longer see someone;s gender, and gender can change a post for me... especially if it's an opinion on males or females....
    and alot of guys on here have girl avatars, and vice versa

    I liked to see the gender...
  2. I agree, i like to know the gender of the person I'm talking to
  3. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    actually clockwork you're the reason I posted this lol
    can you tell I'm female?
  4. MattInVegas

    MattInVegas John Denver Mega-Fan

    That is kind of a "Tricky" modification to make. Skip could DO it, and that might be one of a thousand things on his "To-Do" list. All we can do, is wait and see.

  5. lanalou

    lanalou Member

    yes...we will just have to exercise a little patience...who know we may get a great surprise!!;)
  6. sila

    sila Member

    I always had my gender on guess anyway. Sometimes it is helpful to know the gender of the person you are conversing with though.
  7. makno

    makno Senior Member

    ...lanalou ....your a girl ...and my instinct tells me hell of a girl ! i neva minded waitin or figurin things out ...and your correct patience is a virtue that often begets great surprises ! vida le da sorpressas , sorpressas le da la vida!
  8. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    I agree with you... and.. by the way.. we have the same awatar... and I am male...
  9. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter

    This thread has been transfered to the SUGGESTIONS forum, hopefully we will be able to get it implemented for you.
  10. But, why was it moved so long ago? Seems more like it was right where it belonged.

    Shouldn't there at least be a link to the new location?!?!?!?

    [Challenge, accepted!]
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