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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by earthmama120843, Apr 28, 2007.

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    It seems like all the guys I ever fall for are older. I don't mean in their forties or thirties, just the guys like five to seven years older than me. I know in Ohio its against of the law and it seems like it should be good if i guy likes turns me down because of age, but should it really matter? i guess this question is to the guys in that age group.. im 16. so.. what do you guys think and would see a lady under the age of 18 if you were over?
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    women generally mature way faster than men so that is why you probably prefer them a little older, as for the men, they don't care about age especially if it's younger. but men over 18 should not be messing with you that is the law. i'm sure you can wait 2 years to date them older most guys who mess with teenagers only want one thing and we know what that is.......
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    at 16 you shouldn't date a 23 year-old. Not because your not mature enough but because you have no idea what you're going into and your easy to control and manipulate. The kinda guys in their 20's who date underage girls aren't the most together in the head. Even 21 is soooo different from 16.

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