Israel should not exist

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    The fact of the matter is really simple. Every nation that has existed or exists now has been won by conflict. The only people who keep their nation are the ones willing to fight for their nation. Otherwise they are set upon by people outside of their nation who will fight for it and dominate them. It's easy to suggest some place doesn't "deserve" to exist. It doesn't accomplish anything, but it's still easy. Does anyone think the US will simply cancel itself because some people don't like it? Same with Israel. Anyone who wants to take over Israel's territory will have to fight for it. So far anyone who has attempted this came to regret it.
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    Israel does not have to exist as a Jewish State . One more generation must pass .
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    Where is (((baldnbare)))? This is right up his alley.
  4. David0301

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    i agree

    as you beautifully said "every nation that exists had to fight for it" .
    BUT almost no present existent nation on earth does surpress,torture,kill its minorities.
    Well, you conquered a land. You won. You were stronger . The land is yours. BUT that does not mean you should keep killing every habitant (ESSpecially if the habitants are unarmed) until nobody is left, as the europeans did with native americans, as they did with native australians, and as Israel is STILL doing up until today with palestinians. I have been - accidentally - to Israel in 2015 . It was unexpected because I was chilling in cyprus and from there we took a ferry to israel. Stayed 1 day and saw the 3 big cities. I am telling you they keep the palestianians in cages. Just as they do with the chickens lol. Not kidding. The palestinian territories are surrounded by walls,electric fences. Just as they did in the concentration camps. I kid you not. Wonder why CNN,ABC does not show you the real situation.

    Apart from that: having driven from palestinian territories to jewish territories was like switching from heaven to hell. Or like switching from beverly hills to compton

    Only very very few nations left on earth that still practices that on its own habitants. Maybe turkey would be another example in what they do to their native kurdish people.
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    I've been to Turkey, it's not just the Kurds being abused. As for Native Americans, there are more in the US now than when the Spanish arrived. Where you get in trouble is trying to compress centuries of history into a snazzy slogan or 1-liner. That's called a narrative and few of them do justice to history.

    As for the Palestinian issue I can only wonder why they are used by so many Muslim nations as living martyrs. Seriously, there is plenty of room for them all over the "Arab" world and yet, nobody seems to want to accept them. They are clearly intelligent people. I can't imagine building a rocket that flies 10km using sugar and chicken shit for fuel, amazing. But they languish in Israel at the pleasure of the Israelis and nobody else.

    While I wonder why no other Arab nations offer them sanctuary, I also wonder why nobody wants to talk about slavery in Africa. I've seen it with my own eyes, so I have little respect or sympathy for people trying to leverage slavery in the US when it ended more than a century and a half ago. Too many of these issues are wrested entirely on the politics of control via "guilt" and so far as I have seen, it doesn't actually work. Sure, it buys concessions, but the problems remain.

    Because nobody can speak openly and honestly about those problems without drawing criticism, sanctions or violence. It blows my mind that a spoken opinion is used as "justification" for rendering violence. It's all so primitive. I have a picture of Christ break dancing in the Vatican on my office wall. So far nobody has threatened to murder me over it.
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    hahaha , well said

    yes , turkey is a very opressive & militant country, i dont like them anymore (the government i mean)

    also true what you said, slavery is still going on in africa among black africans, I saw it with my own eyes too ,but thats another story....most people also forget that during slavery time lots of africans sold their own people to the spanish,portuguese people. So nobody is that innocent as they pretend to be.

    regarding palestinian people not welcome by arab nations: oh yes. well said. not even 1 single arab country is willing to accept palestinian refugees or even syrian refugess. Why not go to dubai or saudi arabia? at least its the same language and same religon. But instead they all come to us here in europe where they cant get any job and become criminal sooner or later. We are being flooded by them. on a daily basis.
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    I must admit though, the food in Turkey is incredible. I gained 15lbs in 2 weeks there!
  8. David0301

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    i am curious about your turkey journey. How comes you went there? you cant be american then because they dont travel to turkey. (unless they have relatives in turkey) .

    yes turkeys food is out of this world: baklava,kebap,pistachios,figs,rice,bread,hummus
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    I was teaching some people about water treatment. It's not my primary job, but the instructor that was supposed to do it couldn't get a visa because he was wanted in Bulgaria. My boss got tear gassed in town while we were there. He didn't understand the difference between a festival and a protest.
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    let the sheep be sheep.

    you and i know what is going on, there is a certain law which prohibits people from publicly talking about jews in a negative way. in comparison : they insult muslims publicly, even their prophet,god.Burning quran on streets, drawing cartoons, etc Nobody cares
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    wao you had lots of action going on in turkey . Certainly not a boring place to visit
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    Your lack of nuance makes what you say wrong.
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    lol sheep always know best
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    jews and muslims are just the same. even look the same . religion,language,eat,dress,talk the same. only difference : brain
  15. bunnygirl

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    maybe if usa minded its own business, the problem will be solved by the people directly involved?
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    hi bunnygirl yes i agree with you :grinning:
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    waoo taiwan in the house
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    east asian countries : taiwan,korea,japan,china are the only countries where jews can not hide and adopt to the culture, because the looks are so different, the rest of the world is owned by jews
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    this is why there will be a big conflict in the future between east asia and the zionists (west) , i bet you,

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