Israel should not exist

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by unfocusedanakin, Nov 13, 2017.

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    First of all let me say I have no problem with the Jewish people in general. When discussing this topic it is mostly only Nazis and the types who hate all Jews who take any interest. But the problem is they only see what they want to see and that is what reinforces the idea that all Jews are bad.

    This propogana about them being entitled to that region of the world is nonsense. Nothing but a long con to create the politcal tensions we have today.Sorry but the Muslims had that land last, for a long time, and they significantly outnumber you. All you do is create problems when you are there. The main problem being there is a constant obligation for Europe and America to take care of you. You exist because the threat of the American military is enough to keep most sane Muslims away. Have all the nukes and fences you want but the Muslim hate for you and faith would ensure you were gone. Do I support that? Of course not but those are the facts. Without Israel it's much easier for there to be peace in that region and the world over.

    There are two types of Jews. The first is the average person who just wants to be good the other are not followers of the religion as the average person. Instead they are wealthy elites who hide behind the faith and actuly practice the ancient Illuminati "religion" if you want to call it that. They are the ones who pushed for Israel after the Second World War even though many people even then knew it would be very bad for the region. So they stole the land from those who already had it. Now they have an easy source of tension a war that never ends. Once you have a war on terror the two go together nicely.

    I am not saying Jewish people do not have a place in society but one religion needs to be the bigger one and just give it up. Who cares what your book says? Books are written by men and skewed to fit their view of history and the politics of the time. There will never be peace there until either the Jew or the Muslims are all dead. Both sides have shown this time and time again. What is so bad about living elsewhere other then the idea that it's not "your land from god". Nothing as far as I can see. Hitler is dead and Trump types who also hate Jews are a minority. Of course I feel bad in a way saying this. Why is the Jew a victim? Why should they leave? Religion makes people stupid though and both of you will die before you accept the other religion.
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    Sounds more like religion shouldn't exist.
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    You realize that our military trains with the Israeli army right? That they have one of the best military in the world? You should also look into exactly what technology you're using to write this because chances are it was developed in Israel.

    I'm not sure giving them the land in Israel was a good idea but the 1940s after WWII were pretty fucked up and you have millions of misplaced people who had no "homeland" to go back to. The world doesn't want to take in refugees, as you can see who was going to take in all the Jews, gays, disabled, that survived the Nazi invasion?

    You also should see what both Israeli and Palestine citizens have tried to do to bridge the gap and create peace for both sides. It's the extremists on either side that are the problem.

    Or you can just blame one group cause that always works out well...
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    It's religious persecution that shouldn't exist. More of the fact that others can't just live their lives and mind their own damn business, they get their own God complex and decide that everyone else must believe as they themselves do. It's human nature. Happens in many ways in everyday life, and it will never stop.
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    So human nature shouldn't exist?
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    So human nature shouldn't exist?
    Come on Neo, quit twisting it up...I admire your game but you need to be real, at least...
    Our Government has done a great job of bringing diversity into our country, more swifly than ever before. Don't short-change them.
    I merely pointed out Human traits, and I believe if this issue is brought to light, many more things can be changed than just arguing back and forth about it, that helps noone and defeats any real attempt @ change.
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    lots of things should not exist. america should not exist. rights of conquest as a concept should not exist.
    all that bullshit about human traits should not exist too.
    but i believe once upon a time someone said something about that word "should".
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    something like "only thing that beats a can't is a try".

  10. Errrr, Semites date back to 4000, 5000 BC

    In the sense of any recorded human history, language or artifacts, Semites were to "first" to live there, up to nearly 6000 years before muslims existed

    The land israel and palestine now occupy was "won" by the british after world war one, the plan to divide it up into seperate jewish and arab states was in place decades before WW2, it had nothing to do with Hitler. And it was the UN that finally decided, not Britain or the US. Israel came about because of WWI, not WW2
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    The same could be said for Kurdistan, which existed in equal parts Iraq, equal parts Turkey and equal parts Iran before the <World Powers> designated Syria to the Baath Party in the early to middle 20th - century
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    They need such a military because they are so vulnerable it's true they are good they have to be. Any Jew inventing something could have done so in another country. There would be some long standing racism towered them. Hitler only tapped in to what was already there. Many kings threw Jews out of their land in the old days. They all ended up in Poland because the Polish king feel in love with a Jewish women. I know they have a rough history. But it's not like in Europe in 1946 they would be getting the same level of hate as Hitler everywhere. It's really their idea they are special and "chosen" by god that makes them want to separate. I get it everyone wants a home but like I said before that is not your home anymore sorry. The Jewish people as a whole are not the issue their desire to live there is fair in a way. They are just manipulated into being FAR too fanatical about it. Benjamin Netanyahu is clearly very hateful to the Muslims. He wants the west to help him with that hate. When I hear him speak I do not hear peace I hear I am going to launch a nuke and when I do help me because you Americans hate ISIS right? He speaks in stereotypes. He is part of the Illuminati elite creating the problem.

    I'm sure there are many Jews and Muslims who want peace. I've honestly only met two people from Israel but when I got all lovey and said I did not like how Muslims are treated here in America they got silent after saying "how can you say that they are our enemy". So some definitely feel the way i said. And these were young stoner hippie types the kind you think would be more open to change.
  13. Hitler came to power in 1933, Kristallnacht wasnt until 1938

    There were a solid 5 years there where the Nazis were more focused in executing communists, before they started on Jews and other minorities
    One could argue that the jews were never really the original target, just once the Nazi machine took off, and all the communists were eliminated, jews and the gypsies were next otherwise the system would collapse, and those directly under him would turn on Hitler. You could even argue Hitler was the puppet and it was really half a dozen guys directly under him that were far nastier than were actually controlling everything.

    There were some surrounding countries that were just as nasty or even nastier when it came to the treatment of Jews.

    Stalin was just as bad, he got rid of all the commies that opposed him, there was a Russian Civil War during WWI which eventually led to Stalins great purge 1936 to 1938 - at the same time the Nazis were shooting communists rather than jews

    At the same time the first part of the Chinese Civil War was happening up until 1937, same kind of thing, but in reverse

    But the way humans cult of celebrity works, everyone knows who Hitler was, but not everyone knows what Himmler did.

    And after WW2 everyone remembers the jewish holocaust, so everyone not alive at that time thinks it was all about the jews

    But 1920s though to the start of WW2 late 1930s, pretty much the whole world at the time was gripped by fear of communists, with a whole bunch of genocides happening by or against communists, This is what really started WW2, wasnt about the jews.

    Uniting and re-arming germany again, the fear of communism is how the Nazis became so popular from the early 20s through to the late 1930s, why Britain and the US turned a blind eye to the Nazis up until they invaded poland

    Wasnt about the jews until all the commies had been wiped out
  14. Asmodean

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    So much to correct in this thread. The for germans fucked up Weimar republic and how they got screwed over after WW1 and how Hitlers populism played into that is at least as much the trigger for the start of WW2 as 'the commie threat'.

    About the OP: its like proclaiming war should not exist. Sure, we all see the logic in that but it doesn't mean we can act on the conclusion by getting rid of war all of a sudden. Same with Israel. It shouldn't have been recreated after WW2 despite the good intentions. But its been there too long now to act like it should just not be there. A bit like the christian religion in Europe teehee. Now it belongs there... :( Difficult and complex situation. Ideally Palestine and Israel becomes one big country for all kinds of people.

    Btw just because those arabs didn't become muslim until 600 A.D. doesnt mean they (or their ancestors) didnt live in the region of Israel earlier. Its common knowledge that even in biblical times the semites/jews/hebrews didn't have that whole land for themselves.
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    Israel is a both European colony with a philharmonic orchestra and a Jewish State . I need a Hippie State , secure
    and having no power . ISIS asks for a beautiful crystal city with good water .
  16. unfocusedanakin

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    That is true it's too late to do anything about it now. There are too many common people who have made it their home for a few generations now. I don't think there will ever be a unified state until the religion die and America stops being the world police. Part of the issue is that it's well known America hates Muslims. Israel is a base from which America can operate in the region. If the Muslim does not think America and the Jew are united against him then maybe they can live with the Jew.

    It all comes down to a few men and if you think they are important or not.

    Jewish- there has never been a messiah on earth but there will be
    Christian- He came and he was Jesus
    Muslim- Jesus was important and real but Mohamed is the one

    For this millions of people die over thousands of years. Maybe one day we will see these men do not really matter if that is the cost of it.
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    And when the AsatrĂº rise is power in 50 years, Oden will be one!
  18. Asmodean

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    The problems with Israel do not all come down to the differing convictions of christians, muslims and jews about God/Jesus.
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    The creation of Israel was exactly like taking the Jewish neighborhood in let's say NYC and declaring it a Jewish State.
  20. themnax

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    yes the exiled egyptian monotheists led by moses should never have started a country there.

    there were already other people living there then too. and the god excuse for robbing their land doesn't wash.
    but then neither does it for robbing the land of the people in what is now america, or any other part of the western hemisphere.

    if wasps want a homeland, they already have one. its called europe. interestingly enough, 'supremist' attitudes are not entirely welcome there, either.
  21. themnax

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    the meek who inherit the earth will have pointy ears and fluffy tails. their fur may have some white markings in it, but it will mostly be every color of the rainbow.
    why do i say this? because people who seem to think the rest of the universe exists for the sole purpose of being a plaything for humans to trash, are destroying its ability to enable the human species to exist.
    if conquest were a right and not an evil, every armed robber would be a bloddy hero, or do some people actually think that they are?

    all laws on earth are laws of and by the humans. there are no laws that are not. there are physical principals of how the impersonal universe operates. these are sometimes called laws, but that does not make them the same kinds of things.

    as for the will of gods or god like beings, there is no book that has the slightest idea what it is talking about about them. they are all written by mortal persons. mostly out of despiration and in opposition to the very use of superfiscial appearances as an excuse for bullying.
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